Generative AI is improving content creation, production and management across the entire media industry spectrum, delegates heard at IBC2023.

A panel discussion at the Showcase Theatre saw Anil Jain, Managing Director of Media & Entertainment, Google Cloud, identify a number of use cases for the technology. This included the delivery of cloud-enabled, live broadcast experiences, creating more value with data AI, and improving monetisation.

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A discussion on generative AI in the Showcase Theatre

“It’s not about replacing existing creative processes,” said Anthony Guarino, EVP Global Production and Studio Technology, Paramount. “It’s about putting AI tools in the hands of our creators, artists, editors or operators, and allowing them to use the tools as they see fit for the job.”

Guarino also recognised a big opportunity to use AI with editorial assistant and visual effects tools, saving production teams a lot of time and money, and adding new capabilities to their portfolios.

“We must make sure we’re onboarding AI tools in a responsible manner, and we’re excited about the opportunities to more efficiently and more timely localise, and therefore globalise our content,” he added.


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John Hogan, Chief Technology Officer, Stan, said: “We’re really looking at those components that are going to drive customer value, and making sure that the customer experience is really solid.”

In a second panel exploring GenAI as a content innovation tool, Andy Beach, CTO Media & Entertainment - Microsoft Industry Solutions, said that an interesting use case is the ability to tack together multiple pieces of AI technology to create a pipeline that does something specific, like language processing or vision mixing.

“As part of production, we’re creating tons of data that has typically lived in silos,” he said. “What GenerativeAI is allowing us to do is connect those silos together, which is enhancing internal workflows.”

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