Take a look at this year’s Content Agenda and the IBC2023 sessions cover a wide variety of topics, from targeting Gen Alpha to sustainable streaming.

As ever at IBC, there’s a strong focus on the future of MediaTech, highlighting the drivers of change in the industry and the ongoing effects of disruption. One key session emphasises the need to understand and cater to newer generations like Gen Alpha. 

The conference session ‘Winning Over Gen Alpha’ (15 Sep 2023, from 11:15-12:00), will look at the creation, distribution and monetisation of content for a generation that has only ever known streaming, in-app purchases, and the world of social media. John Olivieira, Publisher, OneWorld; Fiona Campbell, Controller Youth Audience, BBC iPlayer and BBC Three; and Matt Risley, Managing Director, 4Studio, Channel 4 provide the analysis and insight. 

The future of streaming

Streaming, especially in the OTT space, is also a significant topic, with discussions around monetization, localization, and differentiation in a saturated market. AI’s role in advancing media production is unmistakable, and its applications are vast - from video editing to addressing broader societal challenges. There are plenty of fascinating sessions. 

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Streaming will be a big focus at IBC2023.

On 15 Sep 2023 at 12:15-13:00 during the IBC Conference, a session titled ‘Pricing, Packaging & Localisation’ will be held. Leah Hooper Rosa from Warner Bros. Discovery and Liza Watts of YouTube Primetime will discuss their journey towards launching new streaming services. They will provide insights into what resonates with various markets, their ongoing experiments, and their differentiation strategies.

On 17 Sep 2023 at 10:45-11:30 at Content Everywhere Stage 1, there will be a panel discussion titled ‘Tackling streaming’s sustainability crisis’. With the rapid growth of video streaming affecting the environment, the focus is shifting towards sustainability. Prominent panellists like Frank Miller, CTO of Varnish Software, and Mark Donnigan, VP of Marketing at NETINT Technologies, will delve into the strategies adopted by broadcasters and service providers to manage this sustainability challenge without compromising on quality and innovation.

The impact of artificial intelligence

Delivering the IBC2023 opening keynote on 15 Sep from 10:35-11:00, Evan Shapiro will discuss the disruption effects in the global media ecosystem and the potential opportunities therein. From 11:00-12:30, a session titled ‘How AI is advancing media production’ will explore three facets of AI’s influence on media: the future of AI news journalism, a Japanese technology that condenses TV content, and AI’s ability to comprehend and musically accompany emotional scenes. 

Later on the opening day, from 15:15-15:45, ‘The AI Moment for Smart TV’ session, presented by ZEASN and guided by Dr. Jack Gao, showcases how AI can transform Smart TVs into intuitive, user-centric platforms. On 16 September, from 10:00-10:45, a panel titled ‘How to approach AI and gain a competitive edge’ will delve into AI’s business value and future trajectory, featuring insights from Quincy Olatunde of Peacock TV, NBC Universal, and Samira Bakhtiar from Amazon Web Services.

Technical advances in 5G IP delivery

The technical side of media is always well-represented at IBC and this year there’s an emphasis on live production using 5G, video coding, and immersive media. 


Discover how 5G is powering the future of sports broadcasting.

IBC2023 dives into the future with Scott Lawrence from Verizon Business Group as he showcases 5G’s transformative impact on media & entertainment. From incredible production efficiencies to unmatched audience experiences, 5G is the game-changer. The session ‘From the NFL to Broadcast & Streaming the World’s Biggest Live Events: How 5G is powering the future of media and entertainment’ takes place on 15 Sep 2023, from 15:30-16:00. 

On 17 September, The IET John Logie Baird Lectures at IBC will also cover 5G as Thierry Fautier, MD, Your Media Transformation and Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO, Digital TV Group discuss the transition of TV to full IP based delivery. The lecture will introduce new thinking on all aspects of ‘scaling TV’ from building services and infrastructure to IP distribution, whether that’s via fixed line broadband or 4GLTE/5G.

Video coding and extended reality (XR)

Video coding will be tackled in the IBC Technical Papers session ‘Advances in video coding and processing’ on 16 Sep 2023 from 14:15-16:15. Four eminent authors will be presenting cutting-edge research on hot topics including: ML-based super-resolution, preserving creative intent in film grain encoding, the benefits of the VVC coding tool for adaptive streaming, and reducing power consumption in HDR displays using machine learning.

Mixed reality XR scenario

Are mixed reality XR scenarios closer than we think?

As for immersive media, spatial computing is set to radically alter consumer interactions in daily life, and video stands as a crucial player in steering this change. The session, ‘Bringing Video to Spatial Computing’, facilitated by Accedo Xtend, outlines the vast potential of integrating video into spatial computing environments, hinting at a future replete with immersive ads, sponsorships, and revolutionary monetization avenues.

Learnings from the esports boom

Finally, IBC2023 shines a spotlight on gaming, a rapidly growing sector in media, with sessions exploring its intersection with broadcasting, advertising, and future trends like esports. ‘The Evolution of Media Operations: Achieving centralisation in a decentralised production environment’ on 15 September, 12:30-13:00, will dive into the dizzying acceleration of content production and the booming demand for esports. 

On 18 September, the Showcase Theatre in Hall 12 will host a series of dedicated gaming and esports panel discussions and case studies. These will include the session ‘What is the long-term vision for esports?’ aims to unpack the soaring success of esports, its broadcast evolution, and peek into its future. 

You can find out more about all of the sessions at IBC2023 on the comprehensive Content Agenda

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