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  • LEAD INDEX the french dispatch wes anderson Bill Murray
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    Behind the Scenes: The French Dispatch


    Transforming Wes Anderson’s idiosyncratic aesthetic into a visually consistent physical format presented a series of challenges for the film’s production designer and director of photography.

  • Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin
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    Behind the scenes: Springwatch


    As the broadcast of BBC’s seasonal wildlife show Springwatch comes to an end, IBC365 looks at how the live show was produced despite Covid-19 restrictions.

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    Behind the scenes: Da 5 Bloods


    With racial tensions heightening in the US, IBC365 goes behind the scenes of Spike Lee’s return to Vietnam, which sets the record straight on the white-washed reporting of the war and draws explicit parallels with the rise of fascism today.

  • Avatar 3x2
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    Behind the scenes: Avatar 2 and 3


    Avatar broke technical boundaries and commercial records in 2009 by bringing digital 3D into the light. Can history repeat itself with James Cameron’s four sequels currently in production?

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    Behind the scenes: Isolation Stories


    Coronavirus lockdown has put a halt to productions worldwide. But with  Isolation Stories ITV Studios has created a novel drama shoot where the cast and crew maintained social distancing. Adrian Pennington investigates.

  • Jojo Rabbit promotional image (2019 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation - © 2019 20th)
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    Behind the scenes: Jojo Rabbit


    Jojo, a normal kid with a vivid imagination, an absent father and a need to fit in, settles on a pretend friend in the form of Adolf Hitler. In filmmaker Taika Waititi’s World War II satire, this fantasy is experienced as a matter of fact. “The main thing was ...

  • Dancing was a key component of the musical adaptation
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    Behind the scenes: Cats


    From page to stage to screen, how director Tom Hooper and DP Christopher Ross transmogrified the megamusical

  • The Irishman
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    Behind the scenes: The Irishman


    Martin Scorsese’s new crime drama sees the Goodfellas director reunite with Robert De Niro. Adrian Pennington spoke to Rodrigo Prieto about shooting a tale that spans six decades.

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    Behind the scenes: War of the Worlds


    The War of the Worlds started on the radio, but the sound is just as important in the latest small screen turn of the HG Wells classic. Adrian Pennington goes behind the scenes of the audio behind the BBC’s new TV adaptation.

  • motherless brooklyn 01951r_high_res_jpeg
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    Craft Leaders: Edward Norton, filmmaker


    Edward Norton has planned to adapt Motherless Brooklyn for over 20 years. But the actor, director and producer has been quite busy, he tells Adrian Pennington, as the film hits US screens.

  • Diego Maradona official poster
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    Behind the scenes: Diego Maradona


    Editor Chris King and director Asif Kapadia tackle Argentina’s footballing enigma, Diego Maradona, in this documentary which comes to DVD this month

  • OFFICIAL SECRETS bts with Florian Hoffmeister BSC
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    Behind the scenes: Official Secrets


    Telling the story with lighting, Official Secrets cinematographer Florian Hoffmeister BSC speaks to Alana Foster on how he worked with director Gavin Hood to depict the story of one woman’s moral conundrum.

  • Le mans 66 trophy
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    Behind the scenes: Le Mans ‘66


    James Mangold’s Le Mans ’66 - also known as Ford v Ferrari - looks at the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Cinematographer Phedon Papamichael talks about shooting emotion in the cold metal of motorsports

  • JOKER-02954
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    Behind the scenes: Joker


    Production designer Mark Friedberg and editor Jeff Groth explain how they mapped Manhattan to fit the warped and rotting mind of the clown’s alter ego.

  • Goldfinch starring Ansel Elgort 16x9 credit Warner Bros
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    Behind the scenes: The Goldfinch


    Complex, dense and 800 pages long, the 2014 Pulitzer Prize-winning bestseller The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt has become this year’s prestige cinematic literary adaptation. John Crowley, who directed the adaptation of Colm Tóibín’s novel Brooklyn , has taken on the task and given himself the best possible shot ...

  • Gemini Man 1
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    Behind the scenes: Gemini Man


    Ang Lee chose to shoot his upcoming sci-fi film Gemini Man, starring Will Smith, in HFR. Editor Tim Squyres explains how the director fell in love with higher frame rates.

  • The Lion King - Mufasa visits Scar
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    Behind the scenes: The Lion King


    The animated remake of the Disney classic employed a live-action film crew that could work inside virtual reality using traditional camera equipment to set up and execute shots in the animated world the same way they would be achieved in the real world.

  • The Man in the high castle lead image 16x9
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    Behind the scenes: The Man in the High Castle


    With the fourth and final season of Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle set to launch, Adrian Pennington chats to cinematographer Gonzalo Amat about creating the show’s dystopian noir look.

  • Neither Wolf nor dog 16x9
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    Behind the scenes: Neither Wolf Nor Dog


    Scottish filmmaker Steven Lewis Simpson on how he overturned conventional wisdom in making, marketing and distributing his Native American movie from the ground up.

  • Catch 22 Martin Ruhe on set with George Clooney
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    Catch-22: How it was shot


    American Society of Cinematographers’ (ASC) Martin Ruhe captures the insane heat of George Clooney’s satirical anti-war serialisation of classic Joseph Heller novel Catch-22 .