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    Behind the Scenes: The Buccaneers


    Girls with money, men with power. A group of fun-loving young American girls explode into the stiff upper lipped London season of the 1870s, kicking off an Anglo-American culture clash in Apple TV series The Buccaneers, reports Adrian Pennington.

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    Behind the Scenes: The Killer


    The precision design of David Fincher’s hit-man feature mirrors its subject, writes Adrian Pennington

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    Behind The Scenes: The Creator


    Cinematographer Oren Soffer discussed bringing guerilla-style filmmaking to sci-fi blockbuster The Creator with Adrian Pennington. 

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    Behind the Scenes: Kiss The Future


    U2’s 1997 concert in the aftermath of the Bosnian War is relived and remixed from archive footage, original audio and new testimonials, writes Adrian Pennington.

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    Behind the Scenes: Killers Of The Flower Moon


    Martin Scorsese always wanted to make a Western, arguably the defining American artform. With Killers of the Flower Moon, he got his chance to chronicle the way the country has been moulded from violence and prejudice, writes Adrian Pennington.

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    Behind the Scenes: Rugby World Cup


    France has one standalone sporting spectacle this year in hosting the Rugby World Cup France 2023 and anticipation of a possible home triumph is building, writes Adrian Pennington. 

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    Behind the Scenes: One Piece


    The bestselling manga series of all time has been made into one of the most expensive live action series ever, reports Adrian Pennington.

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    Behind the Scenes: The Hundred


    The Hundred, the ECB’s 100-ball-a-side competition, aims to carry over momentum from The Ashes as it commences this week. Adrian Pennington takes to the crease to uncover the inside story.

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    Behind the Scenes: Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One


    For a machine-tooled $290 million stunt-fuelled blockbuster it comes as a surprise to learn that the latest Mission: Impossible instalment was made with improvisation and experimentation at its core, reports Adrian Pennington.

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    Behind the Scenes: Asteroid City


    For a film as singularly American as Asteroid City, Wes Anderson chose to base his latest film in Spain, writes Adrian Pennington.

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    Behind the Scenes: FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand


    The FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand features a number of production firsts including volumetric ‘datatainment’, fully remote live matchday hosting, and a stream dedicated to TikTok – but it is all in HD, reports Adrian Pennington

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    Behind the Scenes: The Open


    The 151st Open takes place at Royal Liverpool, 16-23 July with EMG in charge of pretty much all broadcast technical facilities, reports Adrian Pennington.

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    Behind the Scenes: Wimbledon 2023


    The Championships, Wimbledon 2023 may feature more UHD and High Dynamic Range coverage than ever this year but it’s the volley of editorial firepower being served up that is the real story of the Championship’s technical production, writes Adrian Pennington.

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    Behind the Scenes: Evacuation


    In 2021 an epic operation to rescue 15,000 people from Kabul as the Taliban closed in sparked headlines across the globe. A new documentary gives rare insight into the emotional impact on army and airforce personnel through first-hand interviews and on-the-ground footage, writes Adrian Pennington.

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    Behind the Scenes: Glastonbury 2023


    BBC Studios executives explain to Adrian Pennington how they brought a “a chunk of British summer” from a field in England to audiences across radio, TV and iPlayer.

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    Behind the Scenes: Dead Ringers


    Twinning might have become an enduring movie trick, but can it survive the ‘deep fake’ threat? Julian Mitchell investigates behind the scenes of Amazon Prime Video’s Dead Ringers…

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    Behind the Scenes: French Open 2023 Tennis


    Warner Bros. Discovery told Adrian Pennington for IBC365 how it prepared for the Weekend of Champions.

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    Behind the Scenes: Prehistoric Planet II


    BBC Studios and MPC worked with biologists and palaeontologists to translate scientific research into photoreal VFX and the visual grammar of a blue-chip wildlife doc, reports Adrian Pennington.

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    Behind the Scenes: Fast X


    The look of the multi-billion dollar Fast franchise is as much a part of its DNA as star Vin Diesel, from the perspective of colourist Andre Rivas. Adrian Pennington reports.

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    Behind the Scenes: Kandahar


    A Gerard Butler action movie is the first Hollywood production to be filmed entirely in Saudi Arabia and the first to shoot in the country’s majestic, barren and hitherto off-limits AlUla region, writes Adrian Pennington.