12 - 16 Aug: Your guide to what’s happened this week in the media, entertainment and technology industry.

The Lion King now Disney’s biggest animated movie
The 2019 star-studded live-action remake of The Lion King has overtaken Frozen as Disney’s biggest animated movie ever, Cnet reported.

The movie surpassed Frozen’s box office world gross of $1.2 billion by grossing $1.3 billion this weekend. The Lion King joins the list of other Disney distributed films including Captain Marvel, that have beat the billion-dollar record. 

Facebook reportedly to launch news section
According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook is apparently ’gearing up’ to launch its very own news section and will pay major news outlets millions of dollars for rights to use their content. 

The news section is a supposed strategy to help publishers gain back some of the revenue they have lost to tech giants Facebook and Google, as well as help to combat the issue of fake news.

The news section could be launching as soon as this autumn.

Huawei reveals 5G-powered AR cloud
Huawei has revealed its new system Cyberverse, an AR high-precision mapping service powered by 5G technology, Next Reality reports.

The system will combine the mapping of real-world environments with interactive interfaces, combining elements of AR and VR together. Huawei plans to roll out the service in selected locations by the end of 2020.

Australian government attract overseas tech talent with permanent visa
Australia have deployed recruiters overseas to recruit up to 5000 skilled workers in target industries particulary the tech sector, according to SBS News.

Home Affairs has said that the initiative will incentivise top global talent with the opportunity to get a permanent visa. The talent recruiters will work with local industries to identify top talent and promote life in Australia.