It’s day one of IBC2023 and already there are a host of announcements to welcome showgoers to the RAI: new product launches, big company news and innovations have all been revealed to kick off the show.

Adobe has taken AI to the next level in both Premiere Pro and After Effects, as well as enhanced enterprise storage and new capabilities for cloud collaboration tool

1. AI prompts new wave of innovation at IBC2023

The halls of the RAI are full of new product launches

New Premiere Pro feature Enhanced Speech uses Adobe Sensei AI to make voice recordings sound like they were recorded in a studio, even if the original recording is of poor quality, while Audio Category Tagging uses AI to determine which clips contain dialogue, which contain music, and which are sound effects or ambient noise, and displays a relevant tool to work with them.

According to Meagan Keene, Principal Product Marketing Manager for Adobe Pro Video, Enhanced Speech isn’t just filtering out background noise or frequencies, it’s resynthesizing the voice using an AI process. Adobe has also improved the speed at which Premiere Pro’s Timeline UI redraws by five times, enhanced its colour management and added robust project recovery. “This is the fastest and most reliable release we’ve ever shipped,” said Keene.

Hot takes

IBC attendees are the first in the world to see Burano, the newest addition to Sony’s CineAlta family of high-end digital cinema cameras. With a sensor that matches the colour science of the Venice 2, Burano is the world’s first digital cinema camera with a PL-Mount to feature in-body image stabilisation. Specially designed for single-camera operators and small crews it also houses a thinner-than-before electronically variable ND filter structure alongside the stabilisation mechanism, another technological first.

Sennheiser is previewing the MKH 8030 RF condenser microphone with a figure-of-eight pick-up pattern, as well as M-S, double M-S, and Blumlein stereo recording options. The company claims the mic will also be a great choice wherever the highest attenuation of neighbouring sound sources is required.

Also previewed on the Sennheiser stand is Dear Reality’s dearVR Spatial Connect for Wwise. The software enables game designers to develop the audio directly in the VR or AR gaming environment, instead of having to switch between systems.

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Imagine Communications is showing a first-of-its-kind on-prem and cloud management solution, Magellan Connect. This creates an end-to-end routing environment that enables simple single-take routing to connect signals ― regardless of whether they originate or terminate on-premises or in the cloud.

INFiLED is launching its new Studio Series, a LED modular system which aims to create tailor-made stages for broadcast, XR and virtual production that enhance the creative experience of professionals in the sector. The series provides high contrast, high brightness, high colour accuracy and ultra-black antireflective surface.

Genelec is unveiling the 9320A reference controller as a bridge to its brand new Unio Audio Monitoring Service Platform. Unio brings together all the benefits of Genelec Smart Active Monitors, GLM 5.0 calibration software and Aural ID 2.0 technology to create seamless integration between professional in-room loudspeaker and headphone monitoring services.

Partner players

Grabyo, the cloud-native live production and distribution platform, and Magnifi, the AI-powered highlight generation platform, have announced a partnership aimed at delivering a powerful, human-centred video automation workflow, reshaping how sports content creators and broadcasters engage with audiences worldwide.

The partnership combines Grabyo’s live clipping, editing and publishing platform with Magnifi’s automated highlights production solution, which uses machine learning and computer vision technologies, to give sports organisations the ability to capture, edit and publish highlight clips from live sports broadcasts at speed, and at scale.

Net Insight and MediaKind have announced a strategic partnership to help leverage the MoMe platform for cloud broadcast contribution and distribution workflows. MoMe, already distributing feeds for prestigious global sports events, is underpinned by Net Insight’s Nimbra Edge Cloud Orchestration platform. This move will see the integration of MediaKind’s CE1 and RX1 offerings, underscoring the platform’s reliability and performance under high-demand scenarios.