TrueLight is a new LED processing technology for panels with extra emitters, such as RGBW, and benefits situations where panels are used as a lighting source, such as in a virtual production volume. The system, which builds on Brompton’s Dynamic Calibration technology, is also useful for where LED panels light foreground elements, such as in simulations and theatre productions.

The challenge of using conventional RGB panels in these situations is that each emitter has a narrow spectral output. This is necessary to achieve saturated colours and works well for direct view of panels, but when used for lighting presents a low-quality spectrum of light very different from normal lighting sources, so skin tones can look unnatural, and some colours are shifted.

2. Brompton to show new LED processing tech for VP and more

TrueLight can be used with LED panel lighting with extra emitters

RGBW panels offer a solution because they give a broader spectral output that allows for better lighting quality and colour rendering. However, this creates the challenge of converting RGB video into RGBW output while maintaining colour accuracy – which Brompton says it has solved.

The company will also be using IBC to highlight Frame Remapping, a feature enabling multiple cameras to see and capture a uniquely rendered virtual background with the correct perspective, as well as integration with SMPTE ST2110 workflows.

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