A key focus of IP video platform provider Zixi is helping customers achieve sustainability targets while improving their bottom line. 

Harjinder Sandu, Director of Marketing at Zixi, said sustainability, “for cost-effectiveness at a large scale”, is becoming increasingly important to its clients. 

Going green in the cloud

Sandu: ‘[With cloud,] the less you use, the more sustainable you are’ 

“Cloud costs are not cheap,” he observed. “The two big things when people are dealing with the cloud are compute and bandwidth. Those are the two areas that we focus on in efficiency, which results in cost-effectiveness. And the less you use, the more sustainable you are because you’re requiring less infrastructure, less compute, to do the same thing.” 

Sandu observed that companies are unlikely to adopt sustainable practices if it ends up costing them more. “It’s just not going to happen”, he said. 

Zixi is helping customers to work out what they can save and where.  

“The way we’re doing that is we’re giving our customers real numbers, [such as] stats, and we do the maths based on their workflow,” said Sandu. “And we say look, this is what your cost difference is going to be.” 

Stand Number:  5.A85 

Company: Zixi