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    Industry Trends

    Sustainability in Production: The albert Report Tells What’s What and Who’s Who


    This year’s report to end all reports on sustainability in production dissects industry data, finds the root causes and predicts a path to NetZero. albert, the BAFTA-owned sustainability organisation’s Annual Review 2022, proves the industry’s commitment and identifies the key hurdles to be overcome in the move towards a more ...

  • SCTE Tackling the telco net zero challenge

    SCTE Announces Technetix Webinar to Help Broadcasting Reach NetZero


    The Society for Broadband Professionals (SCTE) has announced a new webinar that will deliver insight and solutions aimed at reducing network power costs for the broadcast industry, in the latest in its successful series of webinars.

  • DAB Firm Foundation for Radio

    DAB+ A firm foundation for radio


    IBC2023: DAB+ is revolutionising the radio industry and shaping its future. This session discussed the power of digital broadcast radio in fostering democracy, trust in media, and social commitment through high-quality news, fresh formats, and captivating content. 

  • Tackling streaming’s sustainability crisis

    Tackling streaming’s sustainability crisis


    The explosion of video streaming is taking a major toll on our planet. Winning the streaming wars is no longer about content – it’s about sustainability. This challenge will only grow as more immersive digital experiences, data-heavy content and next-gen use cases emerge. In this session panellists will explore how ...

  • Brenton Ough

    A Greener Approach to Video Quality Analysis


    The energy impact of the streaming industry has been a hot topic recently, and we are all looking for ways to reduce our OTT carbon footprint. Video Quality Analisis (VQA) is a resource hungry process, so is ripe for a rethink. Currently, VQA tools monitor live content 24/7, regardless of ...

  • Measuring up to macro challenges
    Daily News

    Measuring up to macro challenges


    Sustainability, value sensitivity and partnerships are three topics occupying the mind of Bitmovin’s Chief Architect, Igor Oreper, as the industry grapples with the high environmental impact of video streaming as well as economic pressures.  

  • Going green in the cloud
    Daily News

    Going green in the cloud


    A key focus of IP video platform provider Zixi is helping customers achieve sustainability targets while improving their bottom line. 

  • Store less, tag less, save the planet

    Store less, tag less, save the planet


    IBC2023: Ad Signal will present a case study which uses Clearcast’s content to compare its Match product to the current industry process. Match deduplicates assets, ensuring you only store one unique copy of each, saving users time, cost and carbon. Match also deduplicates content as a pre-filter to Ai tagging, ...

  • Streaming gets a health check
    Daily News

    Streaming gets a health check


    Alex Wilkinson, Head of Sales and Marketing, EMEA, at Accedo TV, said service optimisation to ensure lower cost of ownership and sustainability are among the key trends at IBC this year. “There’s definitely a move towards optimisation of cost, and that comes in the natural arc from SVOD services particularly ...

  • Toolkit for sustainable change
    Industry Trends

    Albert Mission Zero: A Toolkit for Sustainable Change


    As the world celebrates World Environment Day, albert, the industry’s answer to creating positive action for the planet, shone the spotlight on the carbon footprint of production, writes Sheryl Hickey.

  • DIMPACT - ‘Picking up where Albert leaves off’
    Industry Trends

    DIMPACT - ‘Picking up where Albert leaves off’


    A 25-company group of broadcasters, streamers and digital publishers make up the Responsible Media Forum, which has created a spin-off project designed to calculate the carbon emissions of the downstream value chain. George Jarrett speaks to a key stakeholder to report on progress.

  • Webinar-Driving-measurable-sustainability-in-broadcast-and-streaming-Webinar-IBC
    Industry Trends

    Sustainability in broadcast: ‘Don’t let perfect get in the way of good’


    Sustainability is undoubtedly one of the hot topics in broadcast and streaming, a fact that an expert panel navigated spectacularly with a robust and well-informed discussion, writes Mark Mayne.

  • Sustainability

    Webinar: Driving measurable sustainability in broadcast and streaming


    Join IBC365 on-demand March for a webinar on one of the most discussed topics in broadcast and streaming: Sustainability. Explore the methods introduced by experts for energy efficiency, building a culture of lower carbon consumption, setting standards for procurement and collaboration to decarbonise the supply chain.

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    Industry Trends

    Top 10 Trends of 2022: FAST, AI, Virtual production and more


    There’s no arguing it, 2022 has seen quite a few ups and downs - the fact that the Collins Dictionary word of the year was ‘permacrisis’ says a lot. On the positive side though, a return to more normal social mixing post-pandemic has lifted spirits. We’ve seen the return of ...

  • V-Nova - MPEG-5 LCEVC and sustainability in streaming

    Demo: MPEG-5 LCEVC | V-Nova: MPEG-5 LCEVC and sustainability in streaming


    IBC2022: Mounting concern over the environmental impact of video streaming requires a new approach to encoding as defined by one of MPEG’s latest standards. The presentation takes a deeper look at the benefits delivered by LCEVC.

  • Environmental sustainability and the cloud

    Panel: Environmental sustainability and the cloud’s contribution to tackling climate change


    IBC2022: After a northern hemisphere summer scarred by destructive heatwaves, environmental sustainability has never been more important. Many media organisations have been working to roll out sustainability strategies but with varying success. As awareness grows, consumers will increasingly hold media organisation to account.