Ad tech solutions specialist Imagine Communications published a new report that it says presents media companies with insights and industry perspective on trends in the rapidly evolving world of connected TV (CTV) advertising.

The report, Connected TV Ad Buying: A Survey of Ad Agency Buyers, includes input from senior executives from advertising agencies across Europe and North America with the goal being to provide actionable data that will help media companies make informed decisions, optimise their CTV advertising efforts and drive more revenue.

5. Imagine publishes adtech insights report

Imagine Communications have published a new report on trends in CTV advertising

Key findings are that 71% of respondents would like to buy linear and CTV advertising together, while 86% of respondents indicated that linear-like ad placement control is crucial in CTV advertising to achieve better targeting and campaign results.

Rob Malcolm, general manager of ad tech, Imagine Communications, said: “We conducted this survey among ad agencies to provide our broadcast customers with a better understanding of advertisers’ perceptions, preferences and challenges related to CTV advertising. The report can also serve as a strategic planning tool, helping media companies assess the potential impact of CTV on their traditional broadcasting business and devise strategies to integrate CTV effectively.”