First-time exhibitor Altair has introduced a completely new IP-based intercom system. The Spanish broadcast audio manufacturer has a long history in the intercom industry and has gradually moved into the broadcast sector.

Its new IPCom system claims to get rid of the expensive physical intercom matrix, replacing it with a switch and LAN. It can support up to 128 groups and users, offering private calls, priority assignment to manage different responsibility levels in a team, managing GPIO-based actions via its new IPF-316 panel, generation of cue light signals received by beltpacks and panels, and more.


The new Altair IBP-306 six-channel beltpack and IPF-316 16-key panel

Fran Herreria, Technical Sales & Business Development at Altair, said: “For years we’ve worked on small to medium-size venues, music festivals, TV studios, sometimes also in large opera houses, but always offering wired or wireless partyline systems. We understood that, for us, taking a step forward meant entering the market of the matrix-type intercom systems. After years of development, we’ve come out with a system that is both flexible and easy to use, at a price that will make this technology affordable to everyone.”

The IPF-316 can control 32 channels (16 keys, two pages) while the IPB-306 beltpack offers six channels and the possibility of operating as a remote station, thanks to the built-in mic and speaker. IPCom is also compatible with all of Altair’s current intercom systems (and many other brands) thanks to the IPX-301 4W/2W interface, so “one wireless partyline system can be injected into an IPCom network, which could be a perfectly common situation in a TV studio,” said Herreria.

Stand Number: 10.F21

Company: Altair - Equipos Europeos Electronicos