Media technology company NEP Group announced that its US broadcast services team released a new mobile unit, Supershooter 6, based on NEP’s broadcast control (TFC).

Supershooter 6 is a single-truck unit featuring a Grass Valley Kayenne X-Frame switcher, a Calrec Apollo audio console, Sony HDC-3500 cameras, two 5500 cameras, a Lawo IP router, multi-viewer and EVS XT VIA servers.


Supershooter 6

NEP noted that Supershooter 5, released in May 2021, was the first fully IP mobile unit to be powered by TFC. Supershooter 61, a new field acquisition unit, was released earlier this year. In addition, NEP mobile units Supershooter 1, TS2, Supershooter 29, EN1 and NCPXI are slated for upgrades.

TFC is the proprietary software engine behind NEP’s global production ecosystem that was designed to help solve the industry’s issues related to IP control.