Previewed in beta mode in April, Newsbridge is officially launching new features for its patented AI video indexing technology MXT-1 at IBC. Combining multimodal and generative AI to understand and describe what is in audio-visual media, it makes relevant content quickly searchable.

Capable of indexing more than 500 hours of video per minute, including metadata and descriptions,


MXT-1 AI generates natural language descriptions of video scenes

MXT-1 enables users to automatically index vast amounts of content and makes searching large video collections as intuitive as searching the web, according to Newsbridge. The company claims that MXT-1 enables users to quickly start enhancing, sharing, and monetising their live and archived media.

Other new enhancements include rich media summaries, where comprehensive descriptions of media assets are generated to enable users to understand what content is about without watching it in its entirety, and multi-language descriptions which allow users to view scene descriptions and media summaries in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Arabic.

Speedy multilingual transcription and highlight identification functionality has also been introduced.

Meanwhile, Newsbridge has also redesigned its Cloud Media Hub, offering a more intuitive user interface with simpler navigation and enhanced functionality that it says makes the platform fast to learn and easy to use.

Stand Number: 7.C30

Company: Newsbridge