In a virtual IBC Show Keynote yesterday in the Forum, Marco Tempest, Director’s Fellow Alumni, MIT Media Lab, Creative Technologist for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Founder of, revealed an impressive new technology with big implications for virtual production and the metaverse.

Using the compact technology, which he has dubbed “the metaverse in a carry-on”, Tempest carried out a live demonstration that combined generative AI, mixed reality, storytelling, gestural sensing and swarm robotics to provide a glimpse into the future of augmented experiences.

D3 Marco Tempest Keynote Forum

Marco Tempest delivers a live demo of ‘the metaverse in a carry-on’ during Saturday’s IBC Keynote

Tempest coined the term “techno-magic” to explain the interaction between societal evolution and technology to create new and “impossible” experiences. He explained how this new technology allows users to create new forms of presentations on an epic scale, with visualisations that make them more engaging and immersive.

“The metaverse is already taking shape at a corporate level, and companies are now seeking virtual space in which to share knowledge, experiences and even work,” he told the audience. “I think it’s the first time ever that we’ve been confronted with a technological wave that doesn’t require technologists to take advantage of. That accessibility for non-technical people will change our landscape quite a bit.”