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    Multicast with a dial a delay option: 5G VISTA will ignite fan interest


    The next big steps for the DCMS-sponsored 5G VISTA Project will be the imminent arrival of test handsets and the 31 March release of a report containing all the collateral from two years of technical and business case endeavours. VISTA stands for Video in Stadia Technical Architecture, but distributed events ...

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    Preview: IBC365’s 5G week


    2019 saw initial deployments of 5G in markets from Asia to Europe and the US, yet 2020 is set to be the year that next gen mobile technology goes mainstream. Ahead of MWC2020, IBC365 looks at how this will impact media and entertainment as part of next week’s 5G Week.

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    4G broadcast: Can LTE eMBMS help address the demand for mobile video


    In recent years, the proliferation of highly capable smartphones means many more people are now interested in watching video on their mobile phones, and there is therefore a corresponding increase in the amount of content available for such devices, both as short- form clips as well as long-form programmes and ...

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    AVoD views driven by rising use of mobile devices


    Mobile devices are driving viewership for global advertising video on demand services (AVoD), according to Ooyala’s latest report.

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    What are Google's plans in television?


    Despite media coverage to the contrary Google does not believe TV is dead. It is, however, facing its biggest disruption yet - the mobile revolution, which in turn has led to an increase in video consumption.

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    Streaming video surpasses paid TV subscriptions


    The percentage of free or paid streaming video subscribers in the United States has surpassed paid TV subscribers for the first time.

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    3GPP based TV service layer


    The Third Generation Partnership (3GPP) project since its creation in December 1998 has a long history in enabling mobile communication and had included enablers for media streaming and distribution in its very early roadmap.