This week sees the eighth annual Global Exhibitions Day (GED) take place, which celebrates the positive impact of exhibitions in general. To mark the occasion, IBC has reviewed its own impact on the media and entertainment sector, and what it means to attendees world-over.

The overall theme for GED 2023 is: ‘We run the meeting places and marketplaces for everyone’ and is marked as a day that’s ‘open to everyone interested in increasing the visibility of the Exhibition Industry regionally and on a global scale.’

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Global Exhibitions Day 2023: increasing visibility of the Exhibition Industry

Shows like IBC impact on such a scale that the event has been described by vendors as a ‘rite of passage every year… A place where each and every company in the sector is represented.’

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When asked at NAB2023 about the importance of trade shows such as IBC, exhibitors expressed that they play a vital role to the sector and provide a ground where industry minds can, ‘come together,’ and ‘build relationships,’ from all corners of the world.

Other observations from industry decision makers, networkers and entrepreneurs included praising the opportunity for talking about ‘ongoing and future requirements,’ and the ability to engage with many clients all at once.

IBC2022, the first live in-person event since the pandemic, was recognised as a space where content and technology were brought to life and speakers hailed the event as an opportunity to see “what has been happening behind closed doors.”

According to interviewees, getting ahead of tech trends, understanding partners and strengthening collaboration were all ways that IBC2022 attendees were able to nurture relationships.

IBC celebrated 50 years in 2017, its first show showcasing broadcast technology in 1967 with just 32 companies exhibiting. IBC2022 saw over 1000 exhibitors, from start-ups to multinational corporations. The late TSL Chairman David MacGregor reflected on the show’s timeline:

“It was formed as there was, at that time, no serious European platform for the broadcast industry and from such a small beginning spawned one of the world’s leading conferences and conventions for broadcast and media.”

President Michael Duck of UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, explained why more than ever it is important to be seen by policy and decision makers, and support the exhibition industry by joining in this year’s activities:

“In today’s interconnected world, face-to-face interactions are more important than ever. Our exhibitions provide the space for innovation to flourish, ideas to be exchanged and solutions to be found. Industries need events like ours for their growth and development…We have been instrumental in driving progress and shaping the future of countless industries.

“Our work goes far beyond creating opportunities for business - we are catalysts for economic growth, job creation and knowledge sharing, by bringing people together. Under one roof we stimulate regional development, foster collaboration and empower communities. Let us not forget that the heart of our industry lies in the physical gathering of minds, the magic that happens when people come together, share experiences and build relationships.”

All businesses and professionals in the sector are encouraged to join the #GED2023 celebrations on 7 June to celebrate the significance of trade shows as a real-life platform for exchanging thoughts and knowledge and planning product roadmaps which shape the future.

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