IBC365’s latest themed week explores the vital role and key components of an effective media supply chain for all media organisations and content owners. 


Themed week: Media Supply Chain 

Taking place from Monday 15 February, IBC365 will consider the importance of establishing and maintaining an efficient way to manage, manipulate, package and deliver content.

Through a webinar, podcast and host of industry trend articles and case studies, IBC365 will explore the key components of an effective media supply chain, considering the impact of changing viewing habits and proliferation of services and the increasing gloablisation of content on the way content is managed and delivered.

It also will explore the key underlying technologies, from the cloud to the impact of artificial intelligence in aiding automation. And it will consider how supply chains are likely to evolve over the next few years.


The ability of microservices to deliver core production requirements as well as very specific customisations means they are set to achieve greater traction as cloud migration continues. Providing the opportunity to trade ‘waterfall’-style workflows for a more agile, individual service-based approach, microservices is a concept whose time has now arrived in broadcast. With contributions from Tedial, Net Insight, Harmonic and Grass Valley.

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Cloud storage
Accessibility and cost-efficiency are among the factors underpinning the continued rise to prominence of cloud storage throughout broadcast. Scalability and resilience were among the factors leading more and more broadcasters towards cloud storage well before the pandemic got underway. But like so many other pre-existing trends, this one has undoubtedly been accelerated by the current crisis and, specifically, the need to ensure optimum accessibility of assets. With insight from Amagi Labs, Editshare, Imagine Communications and Broadpeak.

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CDNs: Investment in content distribution workflows is set to top the agenda for many media organisations in 2021, as broadcasters accelerate their pivots to digital and content owners, rights holders and brands embrace the direct-to-consumer model. Combined with a surge in online viewing, it is not surprising that according to some estimates the overall global spend on CDNs is expected to reach $7bn by 2023, as media firms look to deliver a seamless and engaging viewer experience. The webinar will take place at 14:00 on Wednesday 17th.

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AI and access services 
Broadcasters and other content creators have embraced the transformative potential of AI for subtitling, captioning and transcription – especially in the workload-intensive era of OTT and VOD, where there has been a recognition of its potential to enhance and automate the provision of access services. With comment from Object Matrix, Dejero, Interra Systems, Simon Says and Iconik.

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Future supply chains

Industry innovators will share their thoughts on what media supply chains will look like in five years’ time. With input from Rich Welsh, co-founder of Sundog Media Toolkit, Steve Sharman, founder of Hackthorn Innovation, Steve Russell head of media management and OTT, Red Bee Media and comment from Ownzones. 

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The IBC Podcast

The latest episode of the IBC Podcast will feature:

  • Chris Fetner, former Netflix exec and now managing director of the Entertainment Globalisation Association (EGA), a body for companies that provide dubbing, subtitling and audio description services. Fetner will speak about the challenges faced by localisation firms, the origins of the EGA and how the trade body plans to raise the profile of localisation
  • Roger Crothers, head of technology at BBC Wales, will explain how the BBC went about building its new IP-based broadcast centre in Cardiff. Crothers, who is now focusing on reskilling the engineering team to ensure they are equipped to support an IP broadcast operation, will speak about the changes the challenges of shifting to the SMTP2110 installation and the impact on the broadcaster’s workflow

The next episode of the IBC Podcast will be available on Thursday 18 February here.