This themed week will explore how content for OTT and mobile is prepared, managed, augmented, published and viewed. 

With comment and insight from the broadcasters, platforms, vendors and industry leaders, this themed week will examine the strategy, tools and services that allow viewers to consume content when and where they want.

Taking place from Monday 12 April, the themed week includes webinars, a podcast and in-depth features:


Mobile viewing
How do broadcasters and OTT platforms ensure the smoothest experience for those viewing on mobile devices? This feature will examine options for delivering and displaying content regardless of where, when and on what device with a particular focus on the design and development of apps and their integration with the back-end components of content delivery and publishing. 

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Full stream ahead
This feature will consider whether streaming is coming to the rescue of the creative industries, and how the music sector and theatre has been using live streaming as a vital source of revenue. This review of the recently-held RTS session will consider the emerging business models based around live streaming.

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Comment: Rowan de Pomerai, DPP CTO
Rowan explains all about the DPP’s latest guidance, on best practices for content supplier onboarding. The guidance is billed as recommended reading for both senders and receivers of VOD content and de Pomerai will explain why it is needed by the industry.

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IBC2021: Content Everywhere
This round up of the latest news and developments from some of the companies that will be exhibiting in the dedicated Content Everywhere exhibition at IBC2021, including Synamedia, Deltatre, Signiant, Telstra, Comcast and Mobile Viewpoint, will provide an insight into innovation at the heart of next gen media.

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IP Networking
Though all-IP may be the preference for many new facility builds, potentially allowing for a seamless creation and delivery of content, SDI is still a necessity for many for example when connecting cameras, monitors and screens. This feature will provide an overview of available kit, examples when and why gateway cards/devices are needed and the impact on workflow and the creation and delivery of content.

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TV operating systems
An overview of the top TV operating systems, providing an assessment of the key features which differentiate each OS, including content aggregation, OTT app support, support for codecs, ability to upscale content, app store, voice command, smartphone integration, ability to control smart devices. To cover operating systems such as Android, LG WebOS and Samsung Tizen with comment from broadcasters, telcos and their vendors.

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Webinar: Managing your media - Which codec for archive and library?
Join IBC365 on the 14th April at 2pm for an examination of a vital aspect – and potential pain point - of the content supply chain: choosing the best codec for mastering and storing your media.

If an efficient content supply chain is to be the key to managing content across multiple platforms and formats, particularly in the cloud, making the right choice of content format and video encoding is vital.

During the discussion, IBC365 will explore the available options for making sure your library and archive content is kept in the most suitable format, including:

- The role of mezzanine codecs

- When to consider an open standard

- The pros and cons of proprietary formats

- How to future-proof your archive

- Content management and playout considerations

- Balancing video quality with storage , transcoding and bandwidth costs

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The future of remote control UX on Android TV is here – ready to scale
In this Showcase session, 3SS, and leading remote control vendors t4h. (Tech4home) and TW Electronics / Ohsung will explore what next-generation remote controls look like and their role in the overall Android TV Ecosystem for operators. Android TV allows pay-TV operators worldwide to deliver content to their subscribers within their own bespoke UI/UX. Yet a big factor in user experience excellence is the remote control as input device: Consumers interact with it manually, but now more and more they are using voice as part of their content discovery, selection and service control journeys. Find out more during this Showcase session.

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The IBC Podcast
With guest Rose Adkins Hulse, founder and CEO of ScreenHits TV, an aggregator app that integrates streaming services via a single interface.

IBC Content Everywhere 2021: New Technology, New Location

Content Everywhere will be moving to the newly-developed, purpose-built Hall 5 in 2021. This new location will house exhibits showcasing the very latest emerging technologies around multi-platform delivery, OTT and the monetisation of content.

Content Everywhere is a dedicated IBC community covering technology and services including: Advertising Tech, App Development, CDNs, Cloud Services, Cyber Security, IPTV, Multi-Platform Delivery, OTT equipment & services, Personalisation and Streaming.

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