“Historically, MTG has adopted fast to market dynamics, being agile we have been able to capitalise on new growth opportunities and throughout the years our strategy has been about following the eyeballs.” 

”When I look ahead I have never been more enthusiastic about being a digital storyteller.” 

”The barriers for becoming a broadcaster have never been lower. We are operating in a saturated environment with consumption is growing more fragmented… but the demand is there, it is huge and it is growing.”

MTG International Entertainment Executive Vice President and Chief Executive & MTGx Digital Video Content Jette Nygaard-Andersen will will speak about growth during the Reigniting entertainment for digital audiences session on Thursday 13 September.

Audiences consume content in new ways, there are new platforms used by different generations, the key to succeeding is knowing what type of content works and the new and immersive and interactive ways media companies can tell stories.  

”What is the business model that will be the winner of the future? What business model will allow for monetisation to build a sustainable and defensible business?” 

“We have changed our business model to become platform agnostic, which means bringing all content and stories to the platforms everyone is using.”  

She adds: “We are looking for ways to bring that storytelling expertise to new global products we can roll out all over the world. Video is a powerful amplifier as a common language both for interacting and communicating.”