The topic of video coding is addressed by host of papers including ’AI based saliency-aware video coding’ by Sebastien Pelurson, ’Mastering Quantization is key for video compression’ by Julien Le Tanou and supporting papers titled ’AI-based media coding and beyond’, ’The (Non)sense of Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Video Encoding’ and ’The Benefits of Applying AI to Compression’.

In this session, IBC showcases significant coding gains arising from both traditional and artificial intelligence based techniques.

Quantization is at the heart of compression and in this masterclass paper, you will learn how practical advances in rate-distortion optimisation continue to drive encoder gains, across codecs.

Then there is the rise of artificial intelligence which is playing an increasingly important role in video compression. Here you will hear how machine learning has been successfully used to identify “salient” areas of a picture for concentrated bit allocation, but is it robust and predictable?

Our supporting papers continue the artificial intelligence theme addressing, where in video compression it is (and is not) best applied and how it might be standardised.

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