The media industry needs more agile, cost effective, far-reaching video infrastructures appropriate for the change in consumer consumption, new business models and market fluctuation writes Eric Bolten, SVP Business Development, Zixi

The IBC event gives vendors an opportunity to dive in and explore the challenges with media creators from around the world. Two major questions will be heavily explored:

How do I service the business models that are supplying our revenue today most efficiently?

How do I make sure my infrastructure and operations are being prepared for the migrating consumers and revenue opportunities coming to us tomorrow?

I work with a company called Zixi that has spent nine years making it possible for media companies to make the transition from traditional hardware distribution systems to using the open internet and public cloud(s). IBC is the perfect time for media companies to validate their virtualisation strategies and work with their industry partners on implementation and execution.

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Eric Bolten, SVP Biz Dev, Zixi

Live video on the internet is still difficult. Live video at broadcast quality is even more difficult. Live video at broadcast quality over unmanaged IP networks is extraordinarily difficult, particularly at scale, across use cases, vendors, devices, and protocols.

Zixi has built its business providing cloud-based software to transform unmanaged IP networks into broadcast-quality, global delivery networks for live video, relied upon as a strategic platform by traditional media companies around the world. We believe there is a growing demand for these solutions as media companies continue to diversify their programming and look to take advantage of emerging revenue streams.

“Live video at broadcast quality over unmanaged IP networks is extraordinarily difficult”

The public cloud has infinite reach and offers an economy of scale that can’t be matched by traditional transmission systems. Zixi technology allows media companies to acquire content from sources that would have been cost-prohibitive using traditional broadcast methods.

Our IP-based tools give operators the architecture and scale to capture, move, and deliver content across a continually changing landscape. Zixi is completely format-agnostic as the internet is completely format-agnostic.

You name the acronym (FEC, ARQ, Multipath, Multicast, ABR, Bonding, MMT, ASI, TS, HLS, HDS, DASH, RTMP) and our technology can move it around the world with a cost efficiency that makes it easy to justify experimenting with new ways of capturing revenue.

Zixi is exhibiting at IBC2017 on Stand 14.E13