In this exclusive report, we examine how some of this year’s key trends are likely to evolve in 2018.

What are your business plans around OTT, IP in the Studio, HDR and cyber security?

If you had asked this question ten years ago, you would have received baffled and slightly nervous stares in return.

And if you had sat down to try to explain yourself, you would only have dug yourself a deeper hole.

4K video over the internet? The end of SDI broadcast? These things were unthinkable a decade ago. In fact, the TV industry was quite happy to continue with videotape until 2010, when a shortage caused by the Japanese earthquake finally coaxed broadcasters into the world of file-based workflows.

But a fully digitised TV industry - still very young - compared to the industry’s 90 year history – is enabling rapid, accelerating change, and the obscure acronyms of a few years ago are ping-ponging around every conversation you hear.

We hope this report will give you a good grounding in what is happening with some of the game-changing technologies in the industry, and hopefully give you an edge in strategising how you are going to use them.

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