Welcome to this first edition of Insight, your new guide to this year’s show and conference. The aim of this magazine is to introduce you to the technology trends, industry themes and keynote speakers that will shape IBC2018.

With 57,000 visitors and 1,700 exhibitors poised to reveal their latest products and services, and with more than 400 industry-leading speakers preparing to debate and discuss the changes affecting the industry, it is impossible to predict all of the talking points that will emerge at IBC2018. But we looked ahead and distilled what we feel will be the issues at the top of many people’s agendas when they attend the RAI in September.

As is always the case at IBC, the Exhibition and show features such as the Future Zone will be packed with innovation, with the latest product launches and unveilings that will set the course of the industry over the next few years. We also delve into the worlds of IP, AI and UHD, looking at industry adoption and the latest technology.

Interviews with half a dozen leaders from the traditional world of broadcast as well as newer entrants will provide you with a taste of what to expect at the IBC2018 Conference, the theme of which is ‘Shaping the Future Together’.

It’s a theme that will resonate with the subjects of our cover interview, Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira, the founders of innovation group and incubator Impossible. I spoke with them about the challenges facing the media and entertainment industry and the many and various projects they are involved in.

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The common thread that runs through their work is their creative methodology, an open source approach termed planet-centric design, which places the planet’s need ahead of a user’s. At its core is the need for people and organisations to take responsibility for effecting chae.hat’s an issue which IBC Council chair Naomi Climer expands on in her comment article on page 41, in which she explains IBC’s new diversity initiative.

The initial focus of IBC’s work will be on helping to address the wider industry’s gender imbalance, with a commitment to increase the number of female visitors and speakers at IBC. And with a pledge to achieve a 30:70 female-to-male ratio of speakers, delegates at this year’s conference will see the fruits of this work.

I hope to see you all at the RAI in September where we can continue to discuss the many exciting challenges and opportunities covered in Insight.


06-08 Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira, Impossible

18-20 Tim Davie, BBC Studios

26-27 Maria Ferreras, Netflix

32-33 David Abraham, Wonderhood Studios

36-37 Maria Garrido, Havas Media Group

46-47 Jette Nygaard-Andersen, MTG International Entertainment

14-15 Conference Trends: Shaping the future together

16 Conference Highlights: Sessions and speakers

24-25 IBC Future Zone: Touching the future

34-35 IBC Big Screen: Innovation in storytelling

38 IBC Executive Forums: Where leading minds meet

45 IBC Content Everywhere: Next-gen video meets reality

48-49 IBC Awards: Celebrating industry excellence

50-51 Amsterdam city guide

Tech trends
10-12 Artificial intelligence: Building the future of broadcast

28-30 UHD and HDR: The full picture

42-44 IP adoption gathers momentum

22 Michael Crimp, IBC Chief Executive

41 Naomi Climer, IBC Council Chair