The Big Screen four-day conference programme examines and demonstrates the hottest topics, themes, and insights surrounding the art, science, and business of cinema from capture through to exhibition.

Laser cinema projection will also be discussed. “We’ll be looking at what this actually means for filmmakers with this advancement away from classic xenon lamps to lasers,” says Big Screen Executive Producer Julian Pinn. 

“A massive potential impact on the movie industry is the move from projection to direct LED displays; no longer will we have a beam of light projecting onto a reflective screen but an aray of LEDs in front of the audience that gives incredible picture quality but challnges the audio - where do the loud speakers go?”

Delegates should also make sure not to miss the immersive IBC Big Screen film Baby Driver, which will be shown in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Action movie Baby Driver has a stellar soundtrack with every car chase in sync to the beat of the music.  

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