This session explores alternative business models to SVOD and the increasing important role of customer retention practices and the technologies behind them.

Panellists consider how VOD2 Live solutions - that create playlists from on-demand content – can be used to spin up low-cost linear channels at scale to evaluate the potential of FAST channels and advertising-based monetisation models. The use of AI analysis of consumer behaviour to significantly improve churn prediction is also discussed.

The panel also cover:

• What can OTT businesses do to improve their profitability?

• Is a hybrid SVOD/AVOD approach the short-term solution to fight subscription fatigue and revenue losses for big players?

• What is VOD2Live and what can it reveal about monetisation models?

• Why is the industry drifting back towards linear-like distribution of content with monetisation through ad-insertion?

• How can service providers make the most of their subscriber data to help achieve their retention goals?

• How can use data be used to make the subscriber experience more personal?

• How can service providers keep subscribers satisfied when there are so many alternative sources of OTT content?


Colin Dixon, Founder & Chief Analyst - nScreenMedia 


Gilles Domartini, CEO and Founder - Cleeng

Ashley Horne, Technical Director - Simplestream 

Manish Sinha, VP & Business Head - OTT Solutions & Services - TO THE NEW