It supports all standard protocols to originate a TV or OTT channel and can host playout on the cloud, on-premises, or private data centers, running on CPU only or CPU and GPU-based hardware. It offers complete control over OTT or on-air content, ensuring viewers a seamless and high-quality broadcast experience supporting various video formats and resolutions, including 4K and HDR. It features real-time graphics editing capabilities with an inbuilt 14-layered Visual Graphics Editor. Includes AI-based metadata fetching for movies and media files. The AI-based breakpoint detection splits media with clip-in and clip-out capabilities to insert Ad breaks at viewer-friendly midpoints. It generates AI-based automated captions through its speech-to-text ability. The AI-based Playlist Scheduler reduces the program scheduling time to 25% of what the other playout systems require.


Atul Anandpura, Founder & CEO - WiseDV