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  • Synamedia
    Daily News

    Synamedia partners with Advanced Media Technologies


    Video and broadband software provider Synamedia announced a new global reseller partnership with Advanced Media Technologies (AMT) for Synamedia Gravity, extending its reach in North America and Europe.

  • IBC Accelerators - Gallery Agnostic Live Media Production

    IBC Accelerators: Gallery Agnostic Live Media Production


    IBC2023: Gallery Agnostic Live Media Production aimed to bring all media productions into the modern day via device-agnostic, gallery-agnostic and hybrid ways of working to prove control of both existing on-prem and cloud devices.

  • Cloud Security for Media Services
    Industry Trends

    Cloud Security for Media Services


    The use of cloud services by media companies has seen significant growth in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue apace. However, that exponential growth can create risk, especially where security is concerned, reports John Maxwell Hobbs.

  • Ensure you are delivering the highest quality linear, live and on-demand viewing experiences across all of your markets

    Ensure you are delivering the highest quality linear, live and on-demand viewing experiences across all of your markets


    IBC2023: Constellation Cloud is a monitoring, verification, multiviewing and QA service that enables clients to ensure the consistently highest quality delivery of audio, video and metadata across all of their streams (OTA, OTT, HLS, FAST, cable, satellite, SDI, 4K, ATSC3) originating anywhere, monitored at any point in the distribution chain ...

  • Eutelsat-1-AP-MAN-pix
    Daily News

    Eutelsat and Amazon Web Services deliver DVB-NIP from the sky and the cloud


    Eutelsat and Amazon Web Services (AWS) showcased the DVB-NIP (Native IP) solution at IBC2023, integrating video distribution with production and distribution workflows deployed over the AWS cloud.

  • 3. Ateliere and qibb partner on hybrid storage workflows
    Daily News

    Ateliere and qibb partner on hybrid storage workflows


    Cloud-native media supply chain specialist Ateliere Creative Technologies announced a partnership with media application integration specialists, qibb, to support hybrid storage workflows across the media supply chain.

  • D4 Atomos-Edit
    Daily News

    Atomos collaborative cloud editor ready to launch


    Atomos Edit is a new easy-to-use cloud/browser editor that is designed as a fully-fledged collaboration system. It has been in beta for several months and is due to launch as a product in the next month.

  • IBC Accelerators - Connect & Produce Anywhere

    IBC Accelerators: Connect & Produce Anywhere


    IBC2023: Detaching production teams from an event location brought us remote production. In this project, the aim was to detach software from hardware and deploy a distributed computing architecture between ground and cloud, exploring the benefits & challenges of such an approach. 

  • Whit Jackson

    How Liverpool FC Leverages Wasabi’s Cloud Storage to Revolutionise Its Media Operation


    IBC2023: In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, football clubs strive to expand their global reach and foster deeper connections with their fan base. Liverpool Football Club, a renowned and historic football institution, has embarked on a transformative journey by forming a strategic digital partnership with Wasabi Technologies, a prominent cloud ...

  • Film-Studio_Data-Dots (1)
    Thought Leadership

    New Storage Strategies to Accelerate Camera to Cloud Data Management Workflows

    2023-09-18T09:00:00Z Brought to you by

    Over the past three years, the media and entertainment (M&E) industry has undergone dramatic changes. For starters, cinema saw an unprecedented 70.4% decline at the start of the decade, according to World Economic Forum, a shift that prompted the movie industry to rethink everything from the ground up. Meanwhile, streaming ...

  • Live cloud production with TNT Sports

    Live cloud production with TNT Sports


    IBC2023: In this session, hear how Warner Bros. Discovery Sports has been migrating their media workflows to gain operational flexibility, have the opportunity to present more data-led stories, and continue to drive deeper audience engagement for TNT Sports.

  • Edit in the cloud: Shape your facility of the future

    Edit in the cloud: Shape your facility of the future


    IBC2023: As editing in the cloud moves past the art of the possible, media organizations are looking at the ROI of editing in the cloud, as well as providing a singular user experience for their creative teams. In this session, explore some of the patterns and anti-patterns for post-production in ...

  • OS turns it up to 11
    Daily News

    OS turns it up to 11


    Atomos has introduced its latest operating system, AtomOS 11, running on its newly revamped Ninja, Ninja Ultra, Shogun and Shogun Ultra monitor-recorders. The OS offers more codec choices; a new UI; improved functionality; efficient camera to cloud workflows; and the new Atomos RemoteView. 

  • The Evolution of Media Operations

    The Evolution of Media Operations: Achieving centralisation in a decentralised production environment


    IBC2023: The pace at which we produce content has accelerated more in the last five years than in the last 50. Thanks in part to streaming and the emergence of new forms of broadcasted entertainment, like esports, the thirst for content has never been higher. Yet the way content is ...

  • Driving business transition through migration to the cloud

    Driving business transition through migration to the cloud


    IBC2023: Many organizations are now migrating their on-premises workloads to the AWS Cloud for improved flexibility, agility, and operational efficiency. In this session, hear stories from influential broadcasters and content owners about lessons learned from their migrations, including what has worked and what has not and what advice they would ...

  • D2 State Of Play Polly Hickling Sergio Delgado Fred Sun Jean-Christophe Perier 2

    IBC2023: Cloud delivering agility, driving Gen-Z mobile consumption


    Flexibility and scalability are the key considerations for businesses looking to harness cloud infrastructure, according to an IBC2023 panel on the state of play in cloud adoption and digital transformation on the Content Everywhere Stage.

  • D2 GenAI Hall 12 Andy Walker Tony Guarino Andy Beach 1

    Generative AI: Boosting productivity


    Generative AI is improving content creation, production and management across the entire media industry spectrum, delegates heard at IBC2023.

  • CloudMigrationGuide_LP
    Executive Interviews

    One hurdle at a time: how file-based workloads find a second home in the cloud

    2023-09-15T09:00:00Z Brought to you by

    We all learned Newton’s 3rd law at school. But how often do we recognize it happening to us? When we’re walking on the street, the thought of the pavement pushing back on every step never occurs to us. But for much larger efforts, like moving your company file data to ...

  • Imagine-1-AP-MAN-pix-embargo14Sept
    Daily News

    Cloud extension launched for Imagine Magellan


    Launching at IBC, Magellan Connect is an extension to the Magellan Control System that enables the broadcast routing control platform to manage signals in ground-to-cloud applications.

  • Quickplay and Google Cloud harness the power of GenAI
    Daily News

    Quickplay and Google Cloud harness the power of GenAI


    Quickplay is showcasing the fruits of its latest collaboration with Google Cloud, as the partners aim to harness the power of generative AI to create new opportunities for consumer engagement, satisfaction and monetisation for the media and entertainment industry.