Video streaming infrastructure provider Bitmovin and Akamai Technologies teamed up on a new offering that aims to provide media organisations with end-to-end visibility between the video player and CDN.

The collaboration achieves this by integrating the Bitmovin Player with Akamai’s CDN & DataStream, which supports Common Media Client Data (CMCD), a standardised way of passing client-side data from the player to the CDN. Bitmovin Analytics can also be combined with the joint offering to pinpoint which playback sessions experienced errors by analysing user session data.

Stefan Lederer-Bitmovin

Stefan Lederer, Bitmovin

Will Law, chief architect, The Cloud Technology Group at Akamai Technologies, said: “Combining the power of our CDN with Bitmovin’s industry-leading player has resulted in a much-needed proposition for the media industry. Enabling the player to share key client-side metrics with the CDN provides video developers with a clearer picture of the end user’s viewing experience; positively impacts a video streaming service’s overall performance, which can ultimately underpin business growth.”

Stefan Lederer, CEO and co-founder at Bitmovin, added: “Delivering a superior viewing experience while reducing costs is a top priority for media and entertainment companies, so it’s hugely exciting to have partnered with Akamai to create a solution that addresses those needs. With our offering, video developers can identify and solve errors in real-time accompanied by quantitative data that benchmarks our solution’s impact on quality of experience.”