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    Live Event Streaming: Three Key Techniques to Improve Quality


    Broadcasting live events comes with a set of specific challenges that are simply not as severe when dealing with pre-recorded content. A group of experts came together to explain how to tune up your approach to get the best results, reports Andrew Williams.

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    Building an OTT video service - custom build or managed service?


    Which is the best approach to launching an online video service? Custom-build or managed service platform? In-house development or outsource? This panel will explore the various options, including the relevance of a hybrid approach for incumbent players. The role of the CDN will also be discussed.

  • Tapping into APAC’s Online Video Potential Insights and Solutions from CDNetworks

    Tapping into APAC’s Online Video Potential: Insights and Solutions from CDNetworks


    IBC2023: The Asia-Pacific (APAC) online video industry is projected by MPA to exhibit remarkable growth at a CAGR of 8%, reaching US$73 billion in 2027. This region currently accounts for the largest growth in the global online video industry and is becoming a significant contributor to revenue growth. Despite its ...

  • ISP Insights Plugging the gap in content delivery monitoring

    ISP Insights: Plugging the gap in content delivery monitoring


    IBC2023: The ISP domain has always been a blind-spot between CDNs and player analytics where the majority of critical streaming issues occur, leaving OTT operators unable to identify the location of a streaming issue’s root cause, and viewers frustrated with bad Quality of Experience (QoE).

  • Achieve the optimal tradeoff between QoE and CDN costs

    Achieve the optimal tradeoff between QoE and CDN costs


    IBC2023: For each video chunk, we ensure that content will be delivered via the best option towards your goals: either ensuring max QoE possible, or reducing costs while ensuring QoE. - For each user, for each video chunk, we ensure that the video is delivered with high quality, even if ...

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    A Greener Approach to Video Quality Analysis


    The energy impact of the streaming industry has been a hot topic recently, and we are all looking for ways to reduce our OTT carbon footprint. Video Quality Analisis (VQA) is a resource hungry process, so is ripe for a rethink. Currently, VQA tools monitor live content 24/7, regardless of ...

  • 5G holds potential for German terrestrial TV
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    5G holds potential for German terrestrial TV


    Trials are underway in Germany of 5G Broadcast over the Digital Terrestrial TV network and service provider Media Broadcast believes it could be a game changer for broadcasters, advertisers, and consumers alike. 

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    Industry Trends

    Monetising Streaming: New Ventures, New markets


    Innovators paving the way with exciting new opportunities to stream sports and other live events, monetise content, and expand interaction with audiences presented and compared diverse use cases in a buoyant panel discussion at the Content Everywhere Stage today.

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    Velocix to unveil hybrid-cloud CDN at IBC2023


    Content delivery, origin and storage, and stream personalisation software provider Velocix is showcasing its newest hybrid-cloud CDN application, which the company says enables video service providers to combine elastic, cloud delivery with ultra-cost-efficient, on-premises streaming.

  • Vodafone partners with Qwilt and Cisco
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    Vodafone partners with Qwilt and Cisco


     Qwilt and Cisco announced that they will deploy their content delivery network (CDN) service to Vodafone, with the aim of increasing the quality and capacity of Vodafone’s streaming delivery to its mobile and fixed broadband customers across Europe and Africa.

  • 3. Bitmovin and Akamai launch joint CMCD offering
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    Bitmovin and Akamai launch joint CMCD offering


    Video streaming infrastructure provider Bitmovin and Akamai Technologies teamed up on a new offering that aims to provide media organisations with end-to-end visibility between the video player and CDN.

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  • World Cup Qatar 2022 provides boost to pay-TV traffic
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    World Cup Qatar 2022 provides boost to pay-TV traffic


    Pay-TV providers experienced unprecedented traffic demand on their video networks, driven by strong consumer interest in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 according to content delivery software and service provider Velocix.

  • Demo-Sex, lies and video tapes- The truth behind your CDN logs

    Demo: Sex, lies and video tapes: The truth behind your CDN logs


    IBC2022: In the ever more competitive OTT market, high latency, buffering, and downtime don’t just lead to increase customer churn but can result in ruined relationships with viewers forever. Many OTT providers consider that having their own CDN infrastructure, whether it’s built in-house or by a third-party provider, enables them ...

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    CDN Broker from Velocix adds dynamic rules


    Video streaming and ad tech supplier Velocix will highlight its latest SaaS content delivery applications, including a new CDN Broker product that dynamically routes video streams over public and private CDNs based on configurable business rules.

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    Evolving CDN strategies to satisfy the “content consumption boom”


    Increased investment in content delivery, including multi-CDNs and open caching, remains among the most noticeable of all broadcast industry trends.

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    Intel: Intelligent Ad Insertion

    2020-09-04T10:20:00Z Brought to you by

    IBC Showcase: Using Intel AI-based technology, Content Delivery Network and Over-The-Top media providers can determine what ads are most relevant to their viewers based on objects detected in the scene. This provides the opportunity for increased revenue with ads that have higher retention and impact by targeting what the viewer ...

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    Industry Trends

    CDNs: To build or not to build?


    One of the big questions broadcasters must answer is whether or not to opt for a commercial CDN or create their own private network.