First we look at the development of an app-based news service where journalists not only create the stories but drive the whole content creation and delivery processes. The design must therefore focus on ease of use with intuitive interfaces. The app offers a range of news, politics, lifestyle and entertainment services and is designed around the requirements of the daily commuter. Join us to discover the challenges faced by the designers of the operational workflows and see the whole service in action.

Our second cloud presentation delves deeper into the technology involved in developing a hybrid premises or cloud-based system for live and production workflows. It focuses on the JT-NM reference architecture and it will be seen how this allows media to be input from anywhere and stored either locally or in the cloud, and staff can work in any place which has a reasonable internet connection. We shall see how this advanced and novel implementation works scalably, globally and securely.

This session also recognises an additional paper on cloud-based multi-station architecture for networked radio stations, which forms part of the conference proceedings but could not be presented personally for scheduling reasons. This paper is highly regarded and is recommended reading.

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