The versatile dedolight Neo Color LED spotlight is the result of a technology collaboration between Dedo Weigert Film and Prolycht announced last year. It is an advanced 80W adjustable colour focusing spotlight in a familiar dedolight form factor, based on the highly accurate RGBACL Hyperlight Color Engine developed by Prolycht.

It uses dedolight’s integrated optics to give a 6:1 variable beam angle and joins Prolycht’s Orion 300 FS and Orion 675 FS colour spotlights to form a family of lights using the same colour engine.

Dedo Weigert-1

The Neo Color LED spotlight is a colourful addition to the dedolight range

The RGBACL Hyperlight Color Engine uses red, green, blue, amber, cyan and lime LEDs for the widest possible colour gamut. This should mean accurate skin tone reproduction across an extended 2,000K-20,000K CCT range, as well as richly saturated colours across a range greater than competing RGBW and RGBWW LED lights.

The Neo Color can be controlled on the ballast or via a phone app (using Bluetooth or WiFi) for precision colour adjustments, including hundreds of built-in Lee and Rosco gel equivalents, dozens of light source equivalents and an array of customisable effects – where appropriate police car lights can be chosen by country.

The NEO Color is compatible with numerous dedolight optical accessories for precision control and light shaping.

Stand Number: 12.D23, 12.H43

Company Dedo Weigert Film