Day 2 of IBC2023 looks to explore the transforming role of more immersive, cloud-based workflows and AI-enabled creativity across the media landscape. Sessions across the various stages will dive into AI’s impact on production, virtual film sets, and the changing nature of storytelling. 

Other talks, meanwhile, will examine the rise of new formats like volumetric video and the transition to IP-based broadcasting. Here’s your guide to what’s hot. 

The IBC Conference continues

Day 2 of the IBC2023 Conference Programme starts at 10:00 in The Forum with “How to approach AI and gain a competitive edge”. Industry heavyweights such as Lewis Smithingham, Maria Ingold, Quincy Olatunde, and Samira Bakhtiar will explore AI’s transformative impact on the media & entertainment landscape.

Natasha Tatarchuk Unity Wētā Tools 2x3

Natasha Tatarchuk, Distinguished Technical Fellow and Chief Architect, VP, Wētā Tools, Unity.

At 11:00, attendees will be ushered into the world of VFX with “Assisted Artistry Unleashed: Powering the Future of Film and Real-time 3D With Unity Wētā Tools”. Natalya Tatarchuk, Distinguished Technical Fellow and Chief Architect, VP, Wētā Tools, Unity, will shed light on tools pivotal to blockbuster films, like Avatar: The Way of Water. 

The highlight of the day is the show keynote at 13:00 - “Virtual Production & the Metaverse: A future where everyone is invited to play”. Here, Marco Tempest, revered creative technologist, offers a mesmerising vision of the future. Merging generative AI, mixed reality, and innovative tech, Tempest presents a captivating glimpse into a profound augmented reality.

The Conference continues apace into the afternoon. At 14:00, “MovieLabs 2030 Vision Update”, steered by Richard Berger, engages with Hollywood tech moguls to examine the media industry’s future trajectory. Ralph Lee follows up at 15:00, diving deep into “Supercharging Storytelling”, revealing insights into the BBC’s cutting-edge narrative techniques. 


Scott Young, SVP Content and Production, Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe

Eddie Hamilton’s session at 15:45, “Cutting Blockbusters”, will provide a cinematic journey through iconic film editing, before the session “Countdown to Olympic Games Paris 2024” showcases Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe’s ambitious broadcasting plans for the next Olympics, with insights from Scott Young and Matt McDonald.

IBC Technical Papers conclude

Presentations continue in E102 with “Streaming - Improving Delivery Efficiency” at 10:30 on Day 2, with BT Research and Brightcove delving into the potential of multicast and content steering. Insights on machine learning techniques from the University of Surrey and Comcast’s exploration of the Media over QUIC protocol will also be highlighted.

By 11:45, the focus shifts to “Recent Advances in Immersive and Volumetric Media”, a session that will showcase the MPEG-I Visual Volumetric Video-based Coding standard and the transformative power of virtual humans in sports visualisation.

At 14:15, the spotlight shifts to “Advances in Video Coding and Processing”, with discussions on machine learning-based super-resolution, VVC coding tools, and power-saving HDR display techniques. The Technical Papers wrap up at 16:30 with “Enhancing the User Experience”, which will delve into on-demand content viewing patterns and the advancement in deaf signing technology, featuring the lifelike avatar, Kiki. 

Innovation Stage

Over on the Innovation Stage, we start at 10:00 with “Virtual Production: World Premiere case study with Sony and Plateau Virtuel.” Here, Fabien Pisano from Sony and representatives of Plateau Virtuel will illuminate how advanced display and camera technologies are revolutionising film and TV production, while advocating sustainability.

Following on at 10:45, the session “Gallery Agnostic Live Media Production” will talk contemporary media production dynamics, while noon sees “ST 2110 IP Goes Mainstream with Broadcast Leaders Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) and Alaraby TV Network” taking centre stage. This talk will highlight the paradigm shift in global broadcasting through ST 2110 IP solutions.

Post-lunch, at 13:30, the Innovation Stage will present “Authenticated Data Specification,” moderated by Mark Smith and enriched by a distinguished panel that includes Justin Briars, Director, Studio Products and Services, Fox Entertainment and Hollie Choi, Managing Director, EIDR.

The content keeps coming as Ben Tatta ushers in a compelling narrative at 14:45 with “Unveiling the Future of Global Media Management”, followed at 15:30 by “Powering Media Innovation: Microsoft and its partner landscape.” The day caps off at 16:15, diving deep into how Large Language Models are reshaping the TV industry.

Content Everywhere

You’ll find the two Content Everywhere stages in Hall 5 and the Day 2 programme kicks off on Stage 1 at 10:15 with “Enabling Next-Generation Broadcast Delivery of the FIFA World Cup with MPEG-5 LCEVC”. This promises to be a fascinating deep dive into V-Nova’s innovative partnership with Globo that transformed live broadcast experiences during FIFA World Cup 22.


Transforming live broadcast experiences at the 2022 World Cup.

Moving onto 10:45, a panel discussion titled “Key steps to success in the streaming of sport” brings together Vinayak Shrivastav (Magnifi), Eric Black (Edgio), and Rick Young (LTN) to dissect the future of sports production and the role of AI in elevating the viewing experience.

At 12:15, dive into “Enabling cloud-based Origination for your Linear and OTT Business” by Comcast Technology Solutions, which focuses on the evolution of premium video and TV. Sessions continue with “Tata Communications’ Cloud and Edge Distribution for Formula E” at 15:00, and a panel discussion on “New use cases for live streaming” at 15.30, featuring industry experts like Oliver Lietz (nanocosmos), Christof Haslauer (NativeWaves), and Joe Foster (Easel TV).

Switching to Stage 2, the action commences at 10:15 with “Bringing cloud-gaming to Set-top-boxes using WPEWebKit”, a session that looks at the advent of cloud-gaming and WPEWebKit’s expansive reach on set-top boxes.

At 10:45, attendees will be able to delve into “Sky Glass and Entertainment OS: Revolutionising the Future of Entertainment”. This session explores Sky and Comcast’s innovation of integrating multiple devices, with Sky Glass leading the frontier.

Sky Glass 1

Sky Glass and Entertainment OS: Revolutionising the Future of Entertainment

The panel discussion titled “Innovations in Consumer Electronics and their Implications for Content Everywhere” is scheduled for 11:15, with panellists Ali Diab from SeI Robotics, Gabriel Cosgrave of Xperi in EMEA, and Ajey Anand, CEO of Norigin Media discussing trends in consumer electronics.

The afternoon features a string of insightful sessions, starting with “Advances in Monetisation Technologies” at 13:30, followed by “Looper Boost™: Redefining Merchandising Insights on Connected TV” at 14:30, and ending with Mark Brincat, CTO at Intive, shedding light on how “AI Will Transform the Streaming Industry” at 17:30.

Note: not all Content Everywhere sessions are included in this preview. A full list can be viewed in the IBC Content Agenda.

Showcase Theatre

Stop by The Showcase Theatre in Hall 12 and Day 2 begins at 10:00 with “Navigating Europe’s transition to IP”, moderated by Rory McVicar of Amazon Web Services. Panellists for this one include Daniel Ekelöf from SVT, Frank Heineberg of RTL Deutschland, Paul Kane of ITV, and Thomas Stockhammer from Qualcomm.


At 11:00, “Generative AI in media and entertainment” is well-worth your time. Gretchen Libby of AWS moderates, with insights from experts such as Raghvender Arni of AWS, John Footen from Deloitte, and Garrett Goodman at Papercup.

After that, “Live cloud production with TNT Sports” takes centre stage at 11:45, highlighting Warner Bros. Discovery Sports’ innovative media workflows. At 12:30, there’s a session exploring the ROI and user experiences of post-production in the cloud, followed by “Driving business transition through migration to the cloud” at 13.45.

By 14:30, you might as well stay to listen to “Tuned Into Tomorrow: Software-defined broadcast infrastructure”, with insights from Media.Monks, NVIDIA, and AWS. The day’s content ends at 16.15 with Amazon Studios discussing tactics for “Building the studio of tomorrow, today!” 

Premium sessions

Available to Premium Pass holders, the day begins at 09:30 with the “Verizon Sponsored Breakfast.” Here, the Devoncroft Partners team will delve into their latest research on media technology spending, revealing candid analyses of recent industry transactions and what they signify for the market’s future.

At 12:15, Premium Pass holders are also invited to an “Exclusive Fireside Chat – The Bundle Wars”. Moderated by Nathalie Lethbridge from Atonik Digital, and featuring insights from Evan Shapiro, this session explores the challenges single-focus media companies face against tech giants. The shift from streaming wars to bundle wars will be a central theme, emphasising the importance of diverse revenue models.

Partner Sessions

Last, but by no means least, Day 2 at IBC2023 has two Partner Sessions taking place in E105. At 11:00 is the aptly-titled session: “It’s 11am. Do you know who has your content?” Listen as distinguished figures from Amazon Studios, NBCU, Netflix, and more share insights into the essential world of content security across supply chains.

Then, at 15:00, “MovieLabs 2030 Showcase: Principles and progress” beckons. Led by MovieLabs Program Director, Mark Turner, the session will spotlight how the MovieLabs 2030 Vision is already shaping the global media landscape today.

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