Meta Platforms has begun rolling out generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can create content like image backgrounds and variations of written text for all advertisers.

The social media company started testing the AI tools in May, giving access to a select group of advertisers. The tools will be available in Meta’s Ads Manager and their rollout will be completed next year.

5. Meta AI

Meta has rolled out generative AI tools for advertisers

The Facebook and Instagram owner is rolling out three new AI tools: Background Generation, Image Expansion, and Text Variations.

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Background Generation creates multiple backgrounds to complement the advertiser’s product images, allowing advertisers to tailor their creative assets for different audiences.

Image Expansion adjusts creative assets to fit different aspect ratios across multiple surfaces, like Feed or Reels, allowing advertisers to spend less time and resources on repurposing creative assets.

Text Variations generates multiple versions of ad texts based on advertiser’s original copy, highlighting the selling points of their products/services and giving them multiple text options to better reach their audience.

According to Meta, a survey of advertisers that participated in early testing found that most expect saving time from the AI tools. Half of them estimate that generative AI will save them five or more hours a week.

The rollout marks Meta’s first foray into bundling generative AI technology into its products for mining vast stores of past data to generate new content like prose, art and software code.

Meta’s portfolio of AI products includes its language model Llama 2 and an AI chatbot called Meta AI that can generate text responses and photo-realistic images.

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