Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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    Industry Trends

    Media CEOs embrace mobile disruption


    The entertainment and content industry has dramatically changed with mobile networks and devices enabling disruptive new players and business models, according to the leaders of two media giants. 

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    Video: What to expect at Mobile World Congress 2019


    IBC365’s Alana Foster outlines her expected trends and anticipations for Mobile World Congress 2019.

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    Industry Trends

    Beyond the hype of AI


    Technology executives have called for the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI), with Facebook and Alibaba pointing to the potential positive social impact that is promised by AI.

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    Industry Trends

    AI: Moving into the mainstream


    2019 is the year that will see AI’s broadcast industry journey from arcane, cutting-edge buzzword to being productised and commonplace completed. 

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    Industry Trends

    AI: A content chain analysis


    IABM Lead Research Analyst Lorenzo Zanni takes an in-depth look at how increases in processing power and storage capabilities are broadening Artificial Intelligence applications throughout the broadcast, media and entertainment industry.

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    Google leads fight against fake audio


    Google has released thousands of phrases spoken by its text-to-speech technology as part of a challenge to researchers from around the world to combat fake audio.

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    Industry Trends

    Managing metadata: Moving deeper into the maze


    Metadata has evolved dramatically in recent years, from straightforward descriptions to supporting complex usage in today’s asset management systems. Now AI promises a great leap forwards.

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    Industry Trends

    CES 2019: All about 8K, AI & connected cars


    CES 2019: From 8K TVs to the roll out of voice assistants and immersive in-car entertainment, technology, media and telco analyst Paolo Pescatore plots a course through the key media and entertainment trends. 

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    Thought Leadership

    AI in theory, practice, and media workflows


    Although the reality of artificial intelligence (AI) as a free-thinking intelligence not unlike human intelligence is still the stuff of science fiction, it holds great promise for broadcast and media, writes Thomas Bause Mason, SMPTE Director of Standards Development.

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    Industry Trends

    2018’s most-read Tech Advances articles


    AI was a hot topic throughout 2018 from transforming productions to global adoption and disruption; blockchain, light field technology and 8K dominated the trends in tech advances.