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    Synthetic-based humans: a solution to talent shortages or threat to skilled jobs?


    Following the success of the IBC Accelerators Project on synthetic humans in 2023, John Maxwell Hobbs caught up with one of the project leaders to discuss subsequent progress and wider market adoption.

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    IBC Accelerators 2023: Where Are They Now?


    The IBC Accelerators is celebrating its sixth year of bringing together broadcast and media tech innovators to collaborate and explore solutions to real-world challenges. As twelve shortlisted teams get ready to pitch their projects at the Accelerator Kickstart Day on 6 March, with a view to presenting demo PoC’s to ...

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    IBC Accelerators 2024: Twelve Projects to Tackle Industry Challenges at Kickstart Day


    The 2024 tranche of broadcast technology specialists whose proposals were successfully shortlisted to this year’s IBC Accelerator Media Innovation Programme will be pitching their ideas to a live, in-person audience and a panel of judges on 6 March.

  • IBC Accelerators - Synthetic Humans for Entertainment & Accessibility

    IBC Accelerators: Synthetic Humans for Entertainment & Accessibility


    IBC2023: The aim of this challenge was to present two different use cases based on synthetic humans: the first one is a theatre filled with the melodic tones of Maria Callas, and the second is a photorealistic sign language interpreter, to address accessibility. These two distinct use cases demonstrated how ...

  • IBC Accelerators - Authenticated Data Specification

    IBC Accelerators: Authenticated Data Specification


    IBC2023: The Authenticated Data Specification defines a standardised data distribution package to ensure that, as programming is distributed and works its way through the entertainment landscape.

  • IBC Accelerators - Real Time Interactive Streaming Personalises Live Experiences

    IBC Accelerators: Real Time Interactive Streaming Personalises Live Experiences


    IBC2023: As linear broadcasts convert to streaming, revenues from advertising and sponsorship are being lost. This project demonstrated that additional revenue and a ROI can be achieved through personalising viewer engagement from the streaming of live interactive experiences, for big or small sporting and other events. Striving for a next-generation ...

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    Accelerators 2024: The Media Innovation Challenge is On


    The call for projects to tackle real-life challenges faced by the world of M&E has begun as the IBC Accelerators 2024 officially opens for submissions and celebrates its fifth birthday.

  • IBC Acceleratros - Responsive Narrative Factory

    IBC Accelerators: Responsive Narrative Factory


    IBC2023: Responsive Narrative Factory delivered the right narrative for any consumer in real time via a metadata-powered content fast-track, to demonstrate a new component-based approach to quickly and cost effectively creating multiple versions of content from a single master to enable precision targeting of programs to different demographics or regions ...

  • IBC Accelerators - Gallery Agnostic Live Media Production

    IBC Accelerators: Gallery Agnostic Live Media Production


    IBC2023: Gallery Agnostic Live Media Production aimed to bring all media productions into the modern day via device-agnostic, gallery-agnostic and hybrid ways of working to prove control of both existing on-prem and cloud devices.

  • 5G Motion Capture for Live Performance and 3D Animation

    IBC Accelerators: 5G Motion Capture for Live Performance and 3D Animation


    IBC2023: 5G Motion Capture for Live Performance & Animation explores using 5G to build ultra-low latency networks to support the creation of new immersive audience experiences for those present at a live performance or engaging remotely at another venue. The project also seeks to leverage 5G technology to bring joyful, ...

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    AMD and Microsoft support IBC Accelerators in Amsterdam


    At IBC2023 in Amsterdam, John Canning, director of developer relations - creators, AMD, and Scott Davis, broadcast mediua architect, Microsoft, discussed their participation in the IBC Accelerators programme.

  • IBC Accelerators - Connect & Produce Anywhere

    IBC Accelerators: Connect & Produce Anywhere


    IBC2023: Detaching production teams from an event location brought us remote production. In this project, the aim was to detach software from hardware and deploy a distributed computing architecture between ground and cloud, exploring the benefits & challenges of such an approach. 

  • IBC Accelerators -Real-Time XR Sport Edge

    IBC Accelerators: Real-Time XR Sport Edge


    IBC2023: The aim of this challenge was to broadcast digital twin XR Sports, including combat MMA (mixed martial arts), and the progressive AR techno-sport HADO into a live, immersive 3D world with high-end graphics, virtual advertising, spatial and social audio, and real-time edge-compute deliverability to fans in VR headsets, computers ...

  • IBC2023 Accelerator Project 5G Motion Capture for Performance Art and Animation

    IBC2023: What’s on during the IBC Accelerator programme?


    IBC’s Accelerator Media Innovation Programme is showcasing eight projects in Amsterdam at IBC2023 and the programme has developed significantly since it began in 2019.

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    Networking opportunities aplenty at IBC2023


    In addition to a comprehensive content programme and more than 1000 exhibitors showing their latest innovations, there are also multiple opportunities for visitors to IBC2023 to make new connections and catch up with contacts thanks to a whole host of networking events throughout the show.

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    IBC2023 Accelerator Overview: Virtual Software Deployment for All Productions


    One of the eight unprecedented projects to be showcased on the Innovation Stage at IBC2023 explores solutions to the myriad of complexities of covering live events from small to large scales. The Connect and Produce Everywhere project aims to move live production media processing stages between cloud and edge computing ...

  • Real Time Interactive Streaming

    IBC2023 Accelerator Overview: Building Revenue through Personalised Viewing Experiences


    Digital specialists and next generation sports viewing experts will be deep diving into a key trend which has been rippling through the M&E industry: how personalised fan engagement can generate revenue, as part of the IBC2023 Accelerator Innovation Programme.

  • Responsive Narrative Factory
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    IBC2023 Accelerator Project: Responsive Narrative Factory


    The Responsive Narrative Factory project is one of the eight Challenges in the 2023 cohort for IBC’s Accelerator Media Innovation Programme. The project is championed by The BBC and IET and the participants are Infuse Video, MetaRex,, JPB Media Solutions, and EZDRM.

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    IBC2023 Accelerator Project: 5G Mocap for Performance Arts and Live 3D Animation


    Two previous Accelerator Award powerhouse winning teams have combined forces to harness the powers of 5G indoors, this time focusing on two unique, creative workstreams that will both power live, cutting-edge motion capture and low-latency connectivity into creative output, focusing on the performing arts, and 3D animation into children’s hospitals.

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    IBC2023 Accelerator Project: Synthetic Humans


    The Synthetic Humans For Entertainment And Accessibility project is one of the eight Challenges in the 2023 cohort for IBC2023 Accelerator Media Innovation Programme. The project is championed by RAI, EBU, ITV, VRT, YLE, BBC, BT, Verizon Business, Kings College London, University of Southampton, UNREAL / Epic Games and the ...