Our first ambitious trial involves a live production made simultaneously from several remote venues in Italy in such a way that viewers would perceive it as seamless. When we realise that this involves simultaneous jazz and dance performances, it becomes clear that low and stable delays will be essential, as will large bandwidths and reliable transmission. If this were not enough, the trial also offered immersive video via VR headsets. Find out how successfully the challenges were overcome. Next we move to London where an experimental 5G production took place at the coronation of King Charles III. Despite the potential of network congestion and spectral interference it was planned to provide 1080p mobile coverage over 1km as the royal procession moved from Buckingham Palace. 20 camera crews had access to over 1Gb/s of capacity. Hear the full story as the details of this remarkable trial are unveiled.


Omar Naimut, Director of Science ICT - TNO


Giulio Stante, R&D Engineer - RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana

Mark Waddell, Lead R&D Engineer - BBC

Samuel Yoffe, Systems Engineer - Neutral Wireless