This whitepaper explores your cognitive future in the media and entertainment industry.


In the world of media and entertainment (M&E), there is often talk of “the next big thing.” Today, many of these conversations are broadening, as cognitive computing is touted by some as revolutionary for media, entertainment and, indeed, society in general.

For M&E companies, the timing for an industry game changer couldn’t be better. The industry is coping with upheaval triggered by varied technological, economic and societal influences. Empowered consumers living in an increasingly digital world are expecting and demanding more from an industry that is facing rapid adoption of connected devices and increasing numbers of apps, which are influencing how users consume media.

Consumers today have far more content from which to choose, and this content is available any time and in many forms – often for free – through many more delivery options and devices.

In this new world, social media and social viewing are becoming key influencers for consumer decisions.

In addition, the M&E industry has to contend with the growing complexity associated with distributing content across multiple platforms, while also facing a world where ecosystems are replacing value chains. And video sits at the heart of all of this, as it increasingly becomes a preferred mode to communicate, collaborate and learn.