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  • state of the TV business and the next 5 years

    The John Logie Baird lecture - The state of the TV business and the next 5 years


    IBC2022: 5G, ATSC3.0, OTT/SVOD, LIVE sports, virtual production, smart audience engagement and enhanced business models…the pace of evolution in the past three years was breath-taking. The industry now requires new thinking to stay connected to the audience. This panel discuss what strategies are working right now as well as initiatives ...

  • The future of linear-Innovation and ads

    The future of linear: Innovation and ads


    IBC2022: The future of linear spurs heated discussions amongst industry execs as streaming continues its incredible growth across the globe. How will linear and non-linear services co-exist in the future, what are the latest innovations (in tech, content) broadcasters put in place to stay relevant and fight for eyeballs, will ...


    IBC2022 at the IET: Content and broadcasting trends for 2023


    The state of play for the broadcast and media industry in 2022 and into 2023 is directed less by technological advancement, and more by momentous past and present world events, which continue to shape the industry. Indeed, the greatest paradigm shift happened during the period in which it was not ...

  • Connected TV Apps

    Demo: Connected TV apps - too fragmented to manage?


    IBC2022: This session explains how to build and maintain TV Apps in a fragmented Connected TV environment when there are different device manufacturers flooding the market.

  • Managed services -Adding value in content distribution

    Panel: Managed services: Adding value in content distribution


    IBC2022: As streaming complements, and sometimes supplants, broadcast, this session considers the role and relevance of managed services for broadcasters and content owners facing up to the challenge of convergence and disruption to long established commercial models.

  • PallyCon - Best practises for Securing OTT Content using future-proof technologies

    Demo: PallyCon: Best practises for Securing OTT Content using future-proof technologies


    IBC2022: Content piracy diverts about 79-80 Billion USD globally and it’s increasing exponentially YOY. Why? What are the loopholes? How we can trace leaks, and how we can close the gaps? What preparation and effort are required to get foolproof security parameters? This presentation shares insights into best practices for ...

  • The latest in low latency

    Panel: The latest in low latency


    IBC2022: Betting use cases, sport, interactive music events and real-time viewer interaction and engagement are driving interest in lower streaming latency. Cloud gaming and the metaverse will accelerate the trend. However, challenges remain as there has been a shift in requirements from simple browser-based playback of VOD files to a ...

  • The building blocks of the metaverse

    Demo: The building blocks of the metaverse


    IBC2022: Game Engines like Unreal Engine, Unity and Roblox are powerful real-time 3D creation tools that have revolutionised how creators deliver cutting-edge content, interactive experiences and immersive virtual worlds.

  • V-Nova - MPEG-5 LCEVC and sustainability in streaming

    Demo: MPEG-5 LCEVC | V-Nova: MPEG-5 LCEVC and sustainability in streaming


    IBC2022: Mounting concern over the environmental impact of video streaming requires a new approach to encoding as defined by one of MPEG’s latest standards. The presentation takes a deeper look at the benefits delivered by LCEVC.

  • Going Global - Extending the reach of OTT content

    Panel: Going global: Extending the reach of OTT content and services across borders


    IBC2022: The advent of the internet and streaming have changed perceptions of geography in the media and entertainment industry. While traditional broadcast was largely constrained by national borders, many online services have broader horizons. But technical, commercial, marketing, content rights, security and resilience challenges remain.

  • The best glocal content

    Demo: The best glocal content


    IBC2022: A presentation of the VIDAA OS with a live DEMO. VIDAA OS is a modern, state of the art global Smart TV operating system and content platform which offers TV OEM manufacturers a turn-key Linux based OS with voice control, an app store, billing and payment, and much more. ...

  • Mobius visual DNA

    Demo: Mobius visual DNA: Computer vision powered customised indexing of video content


    IBC2022: Mobius Labs Video provides a variety of features that allow customers to efficiently add metadata to their video databases, allowing them to make video content searchable and unlocking hidden value.

  • New production trends delivering content everywhere

    Panel: New production trends delivering content everywhere


    IBC2022: The trend to virtual, remote and distributed production is accelerating. Cloud production is a reality, SaaS tools are on the rise, and the metaverse is on the horizon. New approaches are creating new opportunities for how and where content is created and new possibilities for how it is consumed. ...

  • Trint - AI powered content

    Demo: Trint: An AI-powered live transcription and content creation platform


    IBC2022: Trint is an AI-powered SaaS platform that allows users to quickly craft narratives from transcribed audio or video. This presentation runs through a typical workflow that thousands of customers do daily.

  • TickerNews

    Demo: TickerNews - One man band online newschannel


    IBC2022: TICKER NEWS is the next generation of news channels designed for the new age of streaming.

  • Where does OTT go next

    Panel: Where does OTT go next?


    IBC2022: This session explores some of the macro trends that will shape the ongoing evolution of Content Everywhere over the coming years.

  • AllRights

    AllRights - The ultimate all encompassing media rights management solution to boost content monetisation


    IBC2022: The pervasive change in the TV industry undermines broadcasters’ traditional approach to manage contents and rights. It’s now time for a deep transformation in the supporting systems to obtain a unique and centralised view of any content rights and to maximise the return on investment for every single content ...

  • Key considerations when launching an OTT content service

    Panel: Key considerations when launching an OTT content service


    IBC2022: Although the market is dominated by a handful of global giants, there are still opportunities for brands to launch services that serve relevant content to clearly defined audiences.

  • Jaron Vietor, Team Leader Mistserver - Mistserver

    Demo: Mistserver - A Livepeer technology


    IBC2022: Traditionally, when scaling up a media server deployment the options are to either manage your own servers and plan ahead, or to buy expensive cloud capacity for peak moments. Mixing these strategies is possible, but not straightforward. This talk introduced a new technology that makes clustering multiple servers together ...

  • Demo-Scaling live sports with Lumen Mesh Delivery

    Demo: Scaling live sports with Lumen Mesh Delivery


    IBC2022: It is increasingly difficult to deliver high quality, immersive live video experiences. Pressure is mounting on both development teams and the bottom line. Learn more about Lumen Mesh Delivery, intelligent peer-to-peer technology offering the scale, performance and economics that traditional delivery infrastructures lack. After a demo of our product, ...