As the streaming wars bid for eyeballs beyond traditional linear TV and the rise of data and piracy circulate the industry, broadcasters look for dynamic ad insertion, niche OTT services boom, UX, UHD and global content partnerships dominated IBC365’s most popular Consume articles.  

10) Video: Protecting users is number one priority for YouTube 

Cecile Frot-Coutaz_YT_Keynote_1090992

Keynote speaker at IBC2019 YouTube head of EMEA Cécile Frot-Coutaz spoke to IBC365 about the Google-owned platform’s plans for the future, including how it is dealing with harmful content. Frot-Coutaz was the former boss at Fremantle and said the switch has been a challenge, but also both intellectually engaging and incredibly interesting.

9) Branding channels in a multiplatform age 

At the start of the year, we examined why linear channels are having to work harder to entice viewers, with the branding of channels one area of focus. Looking at UK broadcasters including ITV, Channel 4 and BBC2’s rebranding to remain relevant in the highly competitive streaming era. 

8) Why broadcasters are doubling down on dynamic ad insertion 

YoSpace - completing the puzzle

Germany’s RTL Group announced that it was to pay €29 million for Yospace, a UK-based video technology company that had been making a name for itself in the Server-Side Dynamic Ad Insertion market in February. 

With scale being one of the main drivers for success in the dynamic ads market, is this a shape of things to come?

7) Influencing the influencer 

Looking at the changing viewing habits and demystifying digital natives who are the leading catalysts for disrupting the way content is consumed and created. IBC365 speaks with Generation Z experts to debunk the challenges and explore the opportunities offered by this market. 

Generation Z

Generation Z: Where are the opportunities and challenges? 

6) Kwesé TV gets green light from South African regulator

Turning to news, IBC365 published an article when a commercial free-to-air TV licence was awarded to Kwesé TV by South Africa’s media regulator ICASA. Kwesé TV was both compliant and capable to receive the individual commercial broadcasting licence, which also includes a radio frequency spectrum licence of 55% at MUX 3 frequencies.

5) How to thrive and survive in niche OTT

Despite the dominance of Netflix and Amazon, the OTT market has room for all sorts of niche players, with new services emerging to cater for specialised audiences. We examined the emergence of global video providers.

4) Video: How important is a good UX? 

Richard Lindsay Davies Index image

DTG CEO Richard Lindsay Davies 

DTG chief executive Richard Lindsay-Davies spoke to IBC365 on the importance of good user experiences, highlighting the opportunities and challenges for broadcasters and SVOD platforms.

3) Pixar remastering 16 titles for Disney + and UHD

Speaking in a packed Big Screen panel session during IBC2019 conference Pixar Animation Studio outlined how it revisited and remastered 16 of its titles using new technologies such as UHD and Dolby Atmos amid the launch of news streaming services including Disney+. 

2) BBC CTO reveals changes to red-button and smart TV app 

The BBC unveiled a number of changes to the interactive services it offers on UK TV from the end of January 2020, including changes to its interactive services on TV and accessibility in the UK through the “red button” on TV remotes.

tv remote christmas

Tune in: BBC set to change its interactive services by January 2020

1) Dish TV India partners with Amazon Prime Video

The top read story in Consume was IBC365’s news article on Indian satellite operator Dish TV’s collaboration with Amazon Prime Video to bring the Prime Video app to TV and direct-to-home subscribers for its upcoming hybrid set-top box.