As the year draws to a close, we take a look at some of the most popular news and industry trend articles in our Create & Produce category.

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood credit Sony Pictures

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood: One of 2019’s biggest films

Source: Sony Pictures

10) ASC turns 100

To celebrate the centenary of the ASC, IBC365 paid tribute to the international cinematographers who have shaped the art of motion pictures and by asking ASC members who they thought is the greatest of all time.

9) What Brexit means for European VFX firms

While UK VFX and animation houses operate in the almost certain knowledge that Brexit will dent their global competitiveness, facilities in Europe expect to benefit.

8) Inside Netflix’s post-production operation

Netflix’s post-production set-up and supply chain is responsible for servicing the platform’s original content that will see it deliver more than 1,000 branded shows this year. IBC365 took a look inside the operation.

7) Esports eclipses expectations

With its growing fan base and complex rights management changing the landscape, IBC365 examined the lessons in production from the cutting edge of gaming.

6) The move to remote live production 

With remote production high up the agenda at IBC2019, we took a look at how developments such as 5G are boosting remote workflows.

5) The de-ageing process: Turning back time with VFX

The current crop of films featuring digitally de-aged characters has brought new life to older actors, and now a pioneering example of age regression for a TV series shows just how much the technology is evolving.

Arraiy AI VFX

AI and VFX: Both technologies continue to transform film production

4) How AI is reinventing visual effects

AI/ML and deep learning is having a huge impact in computer graphics research with potential to transform VFX. We examined the extent to which it is likely to change production.

3) Behind the scenes: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

For one of our most popular behind the scenes articles, cinematographer Robert Richardson ASC described how he recreated the summer of 1969 for Quentin Tarantino’s latest feature. 

2) Behind the scenes: Joker

Production designer Mark Friedberg and editor Jeff Groth explained how they mapped Manhattan to fit the warped and rotting mind of the clown’s alter ego.

1) Premier League 2019: Amazon and HDR to debut

On the eve of the start of the 2019/2020 Premier League season, we took a look at the innovations that would shape the coverage of the most-watched football league in the world. 

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