In this paper, we outline our progress towards creating tools and workflows for object-based media production, taking us from one-off demonstrators to scalable production, through the creation of production tools based on shared data models.

We feature a recent example of object-based media (OBM) created from the ground up, and discuss the lessons learnt from this production. We then discuss the progress we are making towards creating a kit of OBM software tools and workflows. Finally, we look at our progress towards building a community of practice for object-based media.


BBC R&D has been developing the concept of object-based media, exploring the role this approach can play in enhancing the experience for our audiences and its impact on storytelling.

In each case the creation of these object-based experiences has been a manual process of analysis, tagging, assembly, and software development. Most of these experiences involved re-versioning existing linear media.

This paper follows the creation of our most recent example of object-based media, the Cook-Along Kitchen Experience (CAKE) which was conceived and produced as an object-based experience from the outset. This paper looks at how we are applying the lessons learned from our previous work to the development of OBM data models and software tools.

The paper also discusses how we intend to involve content creators from both inside and outside the BBC and build a community of practice around the development of new forms of media.

Download the full technical paper below