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  • The Lion King - Mufasa visits Scar

    Lion King roars at VES Awards


    Disney’s The Lion King was one of the big winners at the 18th annual VES Awards.

  • JOKER-03031

    Joker and 1917 lead Oscar nominations


    The full list of nominees for the 92nd Oscars has been announced with box office hit Joker leading with 11 nominations and Sam Mendes’ first world war drama 1917 following with 10.

  • Immersive at Mobile World Congress MWC19
    Industry Trends

    Advancing immersive realities


    The evolution of immersive content has moved from novelty ideas to realities with live audio streaming, 8K+ rendering and 360-degree video creation as a service explored in IBC technical papers.  

  • Smart Stage White Light 16x9
    Industry Trends

    Back to the future: A 2019 technical retrospective


    How do you capture a snapshot of the year in technology? It’s impossible to cover everything, especially in a market as diverse and exciting as media and entertainment, but here we cast an eye over some of 2019’s top tech moments.

  • Vittorio Storaro
    Industry Trends

    Top 10: Create & Produce


    As the year draws to a close, we take a look at some of the most popular news and industry trend articles in our Create & Produce category.

  • Avengers Endgame 3x2
    Industry Trends

    2019 review: The technology shaping content creation


    Interactive drama, games engines, holograms, aerial spectaculars and digital cosmetics showed the blend of content and tech innovation has never been stronger

  • Schilowitz in VR
    Industry Trends

    What’s next for VR?


    The uptake of virtual reality technology becomes more mainstream and broadcasters’ experiment with the immersive medium, IBC technical papers from TNO, Philips Group Innovation and NHK offer a glimpse into the future. 

  • telco 5G
    Industry Trends

    5G: The impact on broadcasting


    As 5G deployments gain momentum into 2020, the media and broadcast industry is looking at ways of capitalising on this next-generation mobile tech. Explore how in technical papers from the BBC, KPN, Ericsson, Qualcomm and Nokia.

  • Idea demo light field
    Executive Interviews

    Light fields: A bright immersive idea


    Light field is seen as the cutting edge of immersive tech and a new industry organisation is looking to standardise the technology. James Pearce speaks to IDEA president Pete Ludé about what light fields bring to VR.

  • man using virtual reality headset immersive
    Industry Trends

    Analysis: The evolution of immersive


    Several studies have attached massive numbers to the VR and AR sector, but VR, in particular, has suffered a number of setbacks from the likes of Google and the BBC. James Pearce takes a look at the immersive market.

  • Paul Debevec Google interview index
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Paul Debevec, Google


    Paul Debevec, Google In Steven Spielberg’s movie Ready Player One there’s a shot of actor Ty Sheridan putting on virtual reality (VR) headgear which transitions imperceptibly from real to virtual cameras as the shot moves to an extreme close-up. In Gemini Man, Will Smith’s digital double is ...

  • Damming the Nile - Alastair Leithead
    Thought Leadership

    Understanding immersive realities


    VR offers additional experiences and immersion, but the technology should not be used just for the sake of presenting content in VR, writes BBC R&D’s Alia Sheikh.

  • VR reality digital headsets

    BBC shuts down VR Hub


    The BBC has shut down its VR Hub production and commissioning unit after two years in what could be seen as another blow to the burgeoning VR sector.

  • Create and produce
    Technical Papers

    Lessons learnt during one year of commercial volumetric video production


    Abstract In June 2018, Fraunhofer HHI together with Studio Babelsberg, ARRI, UFA, and Interlake founded the joint venture Volucap GmbH and opened a commercial volumetric video studio on the film campus of Potsdam Babelsberg. After a testing phase, commercial productions started in November 2018. The core technology for volumetric video ...

  • Consume
    Technical Papers

    The immersive audience experience evaluation toolkit


    In this paper, i2 media research explores a new way to measure audience perceptions of impact and value of different immersive experiences. 

  • Publish
    Technical Papers

    Real-time decoding and AR playback of the emerging MPEG video-based point cloud compression standard


    In this paper, Nokia Technologies presents the world’s first implementation of the upcoming MPEG standard for video-based point cloud compression.


    IBC2019 Keynote: Cinematic trailblazer Andy Serkis


    IBC2019: Actor and director Andy Serkis discusses his journey into performance capture and the ethics of capturing actors’ likenesses in his IBC2019 Keynote session.

  • Rocketman

    IBC2019 Preview: Friday


    IBC2019: Highlights and the must-see conference sessions, feature areas, Elton John’s Rocket Man on the Big Screen, and AWS 4K Charity run sign up.

  • The Lion King - Mufasa visits Scar
    Industry Trends

    Behind the scenes: The Lion King


    The animated remake of the Disney classic employed a live-action film crew that could work inside virtual reality using traditional camera equipment to set up and execute shots in the animated world the same way they would be achieved in the real world.

  • Ar
    Industry Trends

    New adventures in AR


    Broadcasting and film are giving rise to an ever-greater number and diversity of AR experiences. But as David Davies discovers, it could be a few years yet before AR realises its phenomenal commercial potential.