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  • China phone users (B.Zhou shutterstock)

    China issues 5G spectrum licences


    China has granted licenses to three major telecom firms to share 5G spectrum for indoor coverage in the latest push to commercialise the new mobile technology.

  • Kevin McCloud Rough Guid to the Future (C4)

    C4 and Vodafone team up on 5G enhanced TV series


    The Rough Guide to the Future series, presented by Kevin McCloud, will feature stories around new technology and the importance of 5G in making them a reality.

  • Verizon 5G lab (verizon)

    Verizon unveils London 5G lab and studio


    US telco Verizon has launched a new 5G lab and production studio in London – the company’s first 5G-enabled facility outside of the United States.

  • Bezos and Blue Origin (2)
    Industry Trends

    5G: The space race


    There’s set to be a boom in the number of satellites in our skies, as the likes of OneWeb, SpaceX and Project Kuiper compete to provide 5G connectivity in hard to reach areas. But who will win the 5G space race?

  • Ctech 5g image 750x450

    Preview: IBC365’s 5G week


    2019 saw initial deployments of 5G in markets from Asia to Europe and the US, yet 2020 is set to be the year that next gen mobile technology goes mainstream. Ahead of MWC2020, IBC365 looks at how this will impact media and entertainment as part of next week’s 5G Week. ...

  • technical papers business contract

    IBC extends deadline for Technical Paper submissions


    IBC has extended the deadline for submissions for Technical Papers for IBC2020 to 10 February 2020.

  • 5G cellular tower

    Orange chooses Ericsson and Nokia for 5G rollout


    French operator Orange has selected Ericsson and Nokia as its 5G equipment suppliers as it aims to meet the deployment deadline of this year in France.

  • Huawei 5G (Ascannio shutterstock)

    UK government approves limited 5G role for Huawei


    The UK government has announced it will restrict telecoms companies from using kit from “high risk vendors” in core parts of 5G networks – but draws short of banning the likes Huawei completely.

  • NTT Docomo (Ned Snowman shutterstock)

    NTT Docomo to launch 5G streaming service in March


    NTT Docomo has revealed plans to launch a new 5G streaming service in March, delivering high-definition video of concerts, theatre and sporting events to smartphone users in Japan.

  • Access in car content screen
    Industry Trends

    Driving content into vehicles


    Self-driving cars are an inevitability and will unlock the potential for vehicles to transform into a new market for immersive media.

  • 5G at Winter Olympics source Intel (2) 3x2

    Telcos launch Future Forum for 5G acceleration


    Global 5G leaders including Verizon, Telstra, Vodafone and KT have collaborated on 5G specifications and interoperability to accelerate adoption. 

  • HBO Max (DANIEL CONSTANTE shutterstock)
    Industry Trends

    Top 10: Publish


    As the year draws to a close, IBC365 takes a look at some of the most popular news and industry trend articles in our Publish category.

  • Smart Stage White Light 16x9
    Industry Trends

    Back to the future: A 2019 technical retrospective


    How do you capture a snapshot of the year in technology? It’s impossible to cover everything, especially in a market as diverse and exciting as media and entertainment, but here we cast an eye over some of 2019’s top tech moments.

  • NBC cameraman Verizon and Sony 5G demo

    Verizon and Sony produce 5G live sports demo


    Verizon and Sony joined forces with NBC Sports to show the impact of 5G-connected cameras on the way sports broadcasts are captured and produced.

  • telco 5G
    Industry Trends

    5G: The impact on broadcasting


    As 5G deployments gain momentum into 2020, the media and broadcast industry is looking at ways of capitalising on this next-generation mobile tech. Explore how in technical papers from the BBC, KPN, Ericsson, Qualcomm and Nokia.

  • FCC Washington 3x2 shutterstockcom

    Analysis: FCC turns down SES/Intelsat $60bn plan


    The FCC has rejected the C-Band Alliance’s plans to repurpose spectrum, leading to a collapse in Intelsat and SES’s share prices. But the battle isn’t over, writes Chris Forrester.

  • Jahresbericht 2018
    Industry Trends

    5G Today: Bavaria’s broadcast trials


    5G offers great potential for media distribution of media content, with millions of smartphones and tablets as potential TV receivers for live and catch up services. That’s the view of the 5G Today group, which is conducting broadcast trials in Bavaria.

  • Digital digest index

    O2 launches 5G in UK & Quibi adds to content portfolio


    14-18 Oct: Your guide to what’s happened this week in the media, entertainment and technology industry.

  • Publish
    Technical Papers

    State-of-the-art of extended reality in 5G networks


    In this paper, Nokia Technologies, 2KPN/TNO, and Qualcomm explore use cases, architectural, protocols and codec aspects for XR systems over 5G networks and their state-of-the-art in 3GPP and MPEG standardization organizations.

  • Publish
    Technical Papers

    5G media streaming architecture


    In this paper, Ericsson, TNO KPN and Qualcomm join to explore how the new 3GPP 5G Media Service Architecture (5GMSA) supports unicast downlink media distribution and uplink streaming.