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    Q&A: Matt Hill, Thinkbox


    Effective measurement is one of the key challenges faced by the TV ad industry, but moves towards mass addressability will play a key role in its future, says Matt Hill of UK commercial broadcasters marketing body Thinkbox.

  • Christophe Poulain_WorldCast_Systems 3x2
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    Interview: Christophe Poulain, Worldcast Systems

    2019-10-14T13:00:00Z Brought to you by

    Improving user experience and making products that are easier to configure and operate is a priority, says Worldcast Group co-president Christophe Poulain.

  • Justin Gupta 3x2
    Executive Interviews

    Empowering all to thrive in broadcasting


    As head of broadcast and entertainment for the UK Ireland in Google’s Strategic Partnerships team, Justin Gupta, who is also part of IBC’s Content Steering Group, explains how the group has strived for a better gender balance throughout this year’s conference programme.

  • stephanie hirst 3x2
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    Challenging media authenticity with diversity


    Mainstream media must balance creativity and diversity, with LGBT visibility particularly low across the broadcasting industry, and authenticity key according to TV and radio presenter Stephanie Hirst.

  • Tormod Ringnes_D5_Sound_3612 IBC2019
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    How to tell a better story


    Sound should be used to help editors tell the story. Sound editor Tormod Ringnes speaks to Carolyn Giardina about the impact of immersive sound technology.

  • Leonard Bouchet RTS
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    Lean machine learning


    Threatened by a public referendum and squeezed for talent, Léonard Bouchet of RTS delivered revelatory tools while establishing a better work culture, all by embracing data-driven principles.

  • Soumya Sriraman_D1_2215
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Soumya Sriraman, BritBox


    Soumya Sriraman has pushed the SVoD service BritBox to early success across North America. Now as the service owned by the BBC and ITV prepares to launch in its home market, she gives Chris Forrester some insight into how she meets the needs of subscribers.

  • Joseph Lynch_Headshot
    Executive Interviews

    EA and esports: building an in-house revenue feedback loop


    As the world of esports streaks ahead, Joe Lynch of EA looks to maximise the storytelling and get the most out of in-house broadcasting.

  • Marion Ranchet
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    Interview: Marion Ranchet, Roku


    The ability of aggregated TV services to target specific audiences and measure their response combines the beauty of TV with the brains of digital, says Roku’s Marion Ranchet.

  • Mike Zink_D4_WarnerBros_3003
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Michael Zink, Warner Bros.


    Michael Zink of Warner Bros. tells Paul Bray about some of the emerging technologies that are making waves in the media industry, and reveals why he’s excited by the prospect of autonomous vehicles.

  • Jessica d-Ardenne_D3_2749
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Jessica d’Ardenne, DAZN


    Driven by data and the customer experience, Jessica d’Ardenne is an innovative voice in the OTT space and in charge of attracting and retaining subscribers to sports streamer DAZN. Ahead of a session at IBC set to explore biases in the technology world, she reveals some secrets of success to ...

  • Thomas Jacques SR
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    Interview: Thomas Jacques, TF1


    Thomas Jacques, chief technology officer at TF1, shares his insights on the merits of make-or-buy and the advantages of hard deadlines and reveals what keeps him awake at night.

  • Lisa Opie_D2_BBC_2454
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Lisa Opie, BBC Studios


    Bringing the BBC’s production arm into the commercial realm involves entering new partnerships, complex deal making and a desire to keep on innovating according to BBC Studios’ UK production head, Lisa Opie.

  • FINAL-Leadership-Aneesh-3x2
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    Interview: Aneesh Rajaram, Vewd

    2019-09-12T11:31:00Z Brought to you by

    We should expect some of the current crop of OTT technology companies to merge and consolidate to serve larger markets, while some will go out of business, says Vewd chief executive Aneesh Rajaram.

  • Michael McEwen_D5_NAB_3347
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Michael McEwen, NABA


    Having been around broadcasting his whole adult life, NABA’s Michael McEwen has a strong view on how the second generations of digital radio and television broadcasting might find a home in the ‘all things possible’ digital environment.

  • Carlos Octavio
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    Sharpening AI for profit in the Brazilian market


    In charge of analytics for Brazil’s huge TV Globo, Carlos Octavio wades into rivers of data while striving to transform a corporate culture.

  • esports
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    Waking up to esports


    Esports has burst into public consciousness in recent months thanks to a spate of stories about teenagers winning huge sums in competitions. Yet it’s still an unknown quantity to the general public. British Esports CEO Chester King aims to increase awareness and inspire future talent in the burgeoning market

  • Dominique Delport, President International, VICE Media
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    Interview: Dominique Delport, Vice Media


    Young people experience both the best and the worst of the online world, says Vice Media’s Dominique Delport. Connecting with them requires a unique approach.

  • Dan Mangru
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    Interview: Dan Mangru, TheaterEars


    Enabling individuals to enjoy content in their choice of language will give movie companies the edge in the battle for audience share, says TheaterEars CEO Dan Mangru.

  • Olivier Jollet PLUTO TV EUROPE
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Olivier Jollet, Pluto TV


    In a tough, competitive media market, choosing the right business model is crucial. Ahead of his appearance at IBC, Pluto TV’s Olivier Jollet tells George Jarrett how global game-changing media businesses should be developing new strategies.