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Society of the Snow

Plotting the Effects of Disruption: Charting the new media ecosystem


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Behind the Scenes: Society of the Snow


To faithfully recreate a 50-year-old real life plane crash and remarkable tale of survival, the filmmakers behind Society of the Snow combined LED and green screens with multiple practical sets of the plane’s fuselage and put them all 2000+ metres up a mountain, writes Adrian Pennington.

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  • 081523_Apple Buccaneers_Big_Image_01

    Behind the Scenes: The Buccaneers

    Girls with money, men with power. A group of fun-loving young American girls explode into the stiff upper lipped London season of the 1870s, kicking off an Anglo-American culture clash in Apple TV series The Buccaneers, reports Adrian Pennington.

  • MATZ_R1_48_20230510u_v16_DoVi_20230830.0125940

    Behind the Scenes: The Killer

    The precision design of David Fincher’s hit-man feature mirrors its subject, writes Adrian Pennington

  • g_thecreator_2004-8_b979199e

    Behind The Scenes: The Creator

    Cinematographer Oren Soffer discussed bringing guerilla-style filmmaking to sci-fi blockbuster The Creator with Adrian Pennington.

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