Cutting the carbon cost of TV production


With streaming platforms ever hungry for content, demand for TV and film production is set to increase at a phenomenal rate, but in the race to feed our binge-watching, we need to be aware of the impact this activity is having on the planet, writes Michael Burns.

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  • sport studio bts

    The sale of BT Sport and the relationship between content and telcos

    Despite huge investments, the track record of telcos in the content business is decidedly mixed. Does BT’s plan for a full or partial sale of its sports pay-TV business signal that telcos are rethinking the idea of investing in content?

  • Diversity camera

    Why diversity does not guarantee inclusion

    The DTG’s live webinar entitled Diversity, Skills and Talent was built around the core challenge of creating a deep and inclusive grassroots pool of rich engineering talent for the future.

  • BLACK_MARKET.Vice World News for ViceTV

    Transforming production at Vice Media Group

    With offices in 35 cities, Vice creates 1700 pieces of content daily across its multiple lines of business - and is now is putting in place production systems to help foster collaboration and unified workflows across the global group. The team in charge of production transformation tell IBC365 what is ...

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  • Creating superheroes with on demand cloud connectivity

  • KAON: Life cycle management

  • Simplifying cloud management

  • Launching market-defining streaming services


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