Ann-Marie Corvin

Ann-Marie Corvin

Ann-Marie Corvin is a journalist and editor producing B2B content predominately for technology and entertainment titles. She’s held senior positions at Broadcast magazine and Televisual; cut her teeth reporting for Media Week and her writing is often featured in Broadcast, TVB Europe, FEED and IBC365. She’s also a regular at trade shows and has worked on dailies for IBC, ISE and the Cannes Film Festival.

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    Industry Trends

    Covering injustice safely


    Hostile police, unpredictable crowds and the looming threat of coronavirus have made coverage of the US protests challenging to capture. Ann-Marie Corvin spoke to several news organisations about their coverage strategies.

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    Industry Trends

    Driving audiences back to the big screen


    In the wake of coronavirus, drive-in cinemas are undergoing a renaissance across Europe, but what are the best screen and audio options and can events organisers ever recoup the outlay on the tech investments involved?

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    Industry Trends

    Remote working: Delivering news during lockdown


    A news anchor, a post production director and two broadcast support teams take a deep dive into their remote working practices in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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    Industry Trends

    Niche broadcasting: Celtic language collaboration


    Collaboration between Celtic broadcasters combined with a slew of new funding pots has led to a new wave of high-quality indigenous language content with international ambition. Ann-Marie Corvin Reports.

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    Industry Trends

    Addressable advertising: Who’s doing what, and why


    Addressable advertising is attracting new businesses of all sizes to the TV space and enabling the likes of Sky and RTL to compete with digital giants. But in the battle to secure a healthy share of digital ad revenues, rival players must partner up, while some regions face legal and ...

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    Industry Trends

    Call of duty


    Social media firms report that the use of AI and digital fingerprinting to screen harmful content has led to an increase in its removal as they double down in their efforts to make sites safer – but are they doing enough or will the duty of care soon become a ...

  • Counter Strike esports St Petersburg 2017 credit Roman Kosolapov Shutterstock

    Broadcasters encouraged to tackle esports opportunity


    IBC2019: With its rapidly expanding fanbase of young, digital-first viewers, esports is a sector the broadcaster industry should invest in while they still can, according to Prosieben’s eSports head, Henrik Nyhuis.

  • Lounge Talks. Neurodiversity In The Media D5 CT-7112

    Recruit with neurodiversity in mind, says Microsoft


    IBC2019: Diversity of thought in the media and tech fields is becoming increasingly valued according to Monday’s session on neurodiversity – but employers need to reassess their work practices if they want to benefit.

  • Lounge Talks Africa D5 CT-7004

    Cracking the African market: Dice, slice and then price your content


    IBC2019: How do you crack the burgeoning Sub Saharan African TV market? By making it accessible and affordable, according to Clare Kandola, chief executive of content consultancy the Vidya Collective.

  • Hollywood D4 (2) SR Am

    Hollywood takes cloud-based leap of faith


    IBC2019: At the IBC Conference session, ‘Hollywood’s vision for the future of production in 2030’, session, tech bosses from the big studios gathered to discuss MovieLabs’ whitepaper aimed at rethinking production workflows.

  • Content Marketing E102 D4 SR AM IBC2019

    Content marketing: Authenticity is key


    IBC2019: A supermarket retailer who released its own take on the BLT sandwich ahead of London’s Gay Pride weekend (the LGBLT) was used as an example of how not to market content to consumers during Sunday Morning’s Business of Marketing Content session.

  • OTT Forum D3 SR

    Why it’s nice to be Niche


    IBC2019: Content owners looking to exploit IP, reach new audiences and expand globally are going niche, according to the IBC Conference session ‘Competing in OTT - Beyond the big brands’ at the Forum.

  • I41360~E future for linear broadcasters (2)

    NLZIET head: Collaborate or face extinction


    IBC2019: Linear broadcasters must think globally and collaborate or face extinction: that’s the warning from Niels Baas managing director NLZIET to linear broadcasters.

  • The Lion King - Sky and Sun HDR

    Lion King team looked to Attenborough documentaries


    IBC2019:The Lion King cinematographer Caleb Deschanel has revealed that the BBC’s blockbuster natural history series Planet Earth 2 played a huge influence in the way that Disney’s all digital photorealistic remake was shot.

  • IBC2019 Global Strategy D2 (2) SR AMC is there future for broadcasters index

    EBU says “time to regulate the FAANGs”


    IBC2019: Regulators need to respond faster to changing viewer habits and the rise of the FAANGs, according to European broadcasting chiefs.

  • IBC2019 d1 Tech Talk Haroun

    IBC2019 Tech Talk: Lebanon’s labour of love


    IBC2019: Kicking off IBC2019’s Tech Talks in the Forum’s Lounge area was a presentation from Mike Haroun who talked of the challenges involved in restoring over 180 locally produced classic films dating from the 1940s to 1990s.

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    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Lisa Opie, BBC Studios


    Bringing the BBC’s production arm into the commercial realm involves entering new partnerships, complex deal making and a desire to keep on innovating according to BBC Studios’ UK production head, Lisa Opie.

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    Industry Trends

    Come together


    Collaborating with rivals to offer global streaming services with local content as well as creating global communities of people who share the same passions is all part of Discovery’s game plan, says Kasia Kieli, EMEA president & managing director, Discovery.

  • tokyo 2020 credit enchanted_fairy

    “Every single minute” of Tokyo 2020 to feature on Eurosport


    Discovery’s EMEA chief Kasia Kieli has revealed that the network is planning to beef up its Eurosport Player ahead of the 2020 Olympic games.

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    Industry Trends

    The call of the Wild


    Wildlife content curators are evolving from vehicles that celebrate natural history into platforms that are enabling communities to take more direct action

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