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  • Mobius visual DNA

    Demo: Mobius visual DNA: Computer vision powered customised indexing of video content


    IBC2022: Mobius Labs Video provides a variety of features that allow customers to efficiently add metadata to their video databases, allowing them to make video content searchable and unlocking hidden value.

  • New production trends delivering content everywhere

    Panel: New production trends delivering content everywhere


    IBC2022: The trend to virtual, remote and distributed production is accelerating. Cloud production is a reality, SaaS tools are on the rise, and the metaverse is on the horizon. New approaches are creating new opportunities for how and where content is created and new possibilities for how it is consumed. ...

  • Trint - AI powered content

    Demo: Trint: An AI-powered live transcription and content creation platform


    IBC2022: Trint is an AI-powered SaaS platform that allows users to quickly craft narratives from transcribed audio or video. This presentation runs through a typical workflow that thousands of customers do daily.

  • TickerNews

    Demo: TickerNews - One man band online newschannel


    IBC2022: TICKER NEWS is the next generation of news channels designed for the new age of streaming.

  • Where does OTT go next

    Panel: Where does OTT go next?


    IBC2022: This session explores some of the macro trends that will shape the ongoing evolution of Content Everywhere over the coming years.

  • AllRights

    AllRights - The ultimate all encompassing media rights management solution to boost content monetisation


    IBC2022: The pervasive change in the TV industry undermines broadcasters’ traditional approach to manage contents and rights. It’s now time for a deep transformation in the supporting systems to obtain a unique and centralised view of any content rights and to maximise the return on investment for every single content ...

  • Key considerations when launching an OTT content service

    Panel: Key considerations when launching an OTT content service


    IBC2022: Although the market is dominated by a handful of global giants, there are still opportunities for brands to launch services that serve relevant content to clearly defined audiences.

  • Jaron Vietor, Team Leader Mistserver - Mistserver

    Demo: Mistserver - A Livepeer technology


    IBC2022: Traditionally, when scaling up a media server deployment the options are to either manage your own servers and plan ahead, or to buy expensive cloud capacity for peak moments. Mixing these strategies is possible, but not straightforward. This talk introduced a new technology that makes clustering multiple servers together ...

  • Demo-Scaling live sports with Lumen Mesh Delivery

    Demo: Scaling live sports with Lumen Mesh Delivery


    IBC2022: It is increasingly difficult to deliver high quality, immersive live video experiences. Pressure is mounting on both development teams and the bottom line. Learn more about Lumen Mesh Delivery, intelligent peer-to-peer technology offering the scale, performance and economics that traditional delivery infrastructures lack. After a demo of our product, ...

  • New opportunities for OTT video streaming

    Panel: New opportunities for OTT video streaming


    IBC2022: The pandemic has vividly demonstrated that there are a host of businesses beyond traditional broadcast and the big streaming services for whom OTT video represents a growth opportunity. As society shifts from “remote by necessity” to “hybrid by design” use cases include concerts, festivals, and entertainment events, sports, exhibitions, ...

  • From SVOD to multi-dimensional business models

    Panel: From SVOD to multi-dimensional business models


    IBC2022: OTT media businesses need to invest heavily in content, technology and marketing to standout and survive in a highly competitive market. To turn a profit, do these businesses need to start looking beyond one dimensional business models and consider Average Cost Per User (ACPU) as well as Average Revenue ...

  • Testbirds demo

    Demo: Testbirds: Customer experience – No more guessing games


    IBC2022: “The customer is king” – not only when it comes to shopping, but also when it comes to developing innovative digital products. No one can give you better feedback than your customers themselves – why not ask them from the start? Understanding and engaging your target audience at an ...

  • Xavier Castaño Garcia, Partner - Igalia

    Demo: Introducing Wolvic - a new browser which picks-up where Firefox Reality leaves off


    IBC2022: XR (eXtended Reality, an umbrella term for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and similar technologies) systems have advanced significantly recently: experiencing them today is eye-opening. Mozilla invested heavily in XR R&D in the late 2010s, and in late 2018 they released an experimental browser called Firefox Reality. It was a ...

  • Norberts Ositis, Head of Solutions for Media - Tet

    Demo: Automated mass VOD transcoding demo with added value (VOD transcoding case study)


    IBC2022: Media business want to provide their viewers a variety of video content and the best video streaming experience possible, but video content providers almost always provide their content as large mezzanine files in different formats, not suitable for streaming, which have to be prepared for IPTV and OTT services ...

  • David Eisenbacher, Co-founder & CEO - EZDRM

    Demo: Universal DRM complete


    IBC2022: The Universal DRM Complete offering fully enables the benefits of the common encrypted origin media format in CMAF with a full complement of global DRM standards support for Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay and Huawei WisePlay. The offering also enables sophisticated options, such as Multi-Key encryption of each ...

  • The clamp down on credentials sharing

    Panel: The clamp down on credentials sharing and implications for OTT business models


    IBC2022: Coming from the company that arguably created the video streaming market, Netflix’s announcement that it was considering the introduction of advertising and clamping down on credentials sharing made headline news. This session discusses the business impact of credentials sharing and identifies various ways to crack down on the problem.

  • Data activated-How Telefonica closed the loop to drive business impact

    Demo: Data activated: How Telefonica closed the loop to drive business impact


    IBC2022: Telefonica’s Head of Product Development showcases how they applied conversion rate optimisation through a data-driven approach, improving the Personalised User Experience of their viewers and identifying new monetisation tactics. This was achieved through ContentWise Data Insights, which assisted in creating a data driven approach in regards to how the ...

  • importance of user experience

    Panel: The importance of user experience


    IBC2022: User experience – UX – is fundamental to the success of any streaming service and has an impact in several areas. UX and quality of experience can be a point of differentiation in an increasingly competitive marketplace and can also have a significant role to play in driving growth ...

  • LiveAPI - How to build your next youtube

    Demo: LiveAPI: How to build your next Youtube?


    IBC2022: Want to build your own YouTube-like video & live streaming site? In this demo, we show you how. We showcase the main features of LiveAPI, as well as how to implement the APIs and launch your own video & live streaming product in days.

  • David Springall, CTO and Founder - Yospace

    Demo: Server side ad insertion for live events


    IBC2022: Yospace talks about the big three challenges facing sports rights-holders today: 1. Increasing competition for rights. With internet giants like Amazon and Apple snapping up rights from broadcasters across Europe and the U.S; 2. Meeting fans’ needs in an always-on digital environment. Fans expect to watch their favourite sports ...