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  • 5. Disney+ to offer IMAX Signature Sound By DTS

    Disney+ to offer IMAX Signature Sound By DTS


    Disney+ is adding high fidelity audio via IMAX signature sound by DTS to a selection of Marvel films and other titles in 2023.

  • Accelerator - 6DOF audio-led narrative and music experiences in the Metaverse

    Accelerator - 6DOF audio-led narrative and music experiences in the Metaverse


    IBC2022: The second of our eight IBC Accelerator showcase sessions reveals POC learnings around how immersive and interactive audio content, particularly 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) impacts content creation and delivery to broadcasters and fans, both experientially and in the metaverse.

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    Industry Trends

    Behind the Scenes: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


    “It’s going to feel odd if Wakanda sounds like rain on a tin roof” Adrian Pennington reports on the challenges and successes of location sound recording the Marvel sequel.

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    Industry Trends

    Dolby Atmos: Producing with object-based audio


    In a previous article (Object-based audio – immersive experiences and personalisation) we explored the possibilities that working with object-based audio affords in the areas of immersive experiences and personalisation.

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    Industry Trends

    Object-based audio – immersive experiences and personalisation


    Object-based audio production has begun to get the attention of consumers over the past year with Dolby Atmos technology incorporated into headphones, speakers, and soundbars from a variety of vendors. Both Apple, Amazon, and Tidal also offer special Atmos-encoded spatial audio streams.

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    Daily News

    AI takes Dialog to the Cleaners


    Lynx Technik’s new yellobrik Instant Dialog Cleaner (IDC 1411) uses artificial intelligence from Audionamix to help isolate speech and dialogue by removing complex background noise, improving speech quality in real time.

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    Industry Trends

    IBC Accelerators 2022 (Part 3): Innovation everywhere


    The IBC 2022 Accelerator programme aims to support the media & entertainment industry to solve some of the biggest challenges in the market today, and this final cluster of projects is taking on some of the most diverse and complex of the lot.

  • Cobalt Digital-1 3x2 index
    Daily News

    Cobalt introduces new Gear for ST2110, SafeLinks and Dante


    Cobalt Digital’s new Indigo 2110-DC-01 offers support for high density native 4K ST 2110 audio and video processing using openGear. Cobalt has also released its SafeLink Gateway as a virtual machine, and a higher density version of +MPx-Dante-64x64, the industry’s first license-based quad-channel 3G-SDI bridge to Ethernet-based Dante audio.

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    Daily News

    Razor-sharp stereo imaging on show


    On show from Neumann is the KH 150, a biamplified, DSP-controlled loudspeaker that features the same high-resolution tweeter as all Neumann studio monitors, and a newly developed 6.5in woofer with ultra-low distortion and high SPL capability.

  • NugenAudio-3-AP-pix-mb MAN
    Daily News

    Nugen Paragon plug-in receives boost


    The Paragon convolution reverb plug-in is being showcased in Hall 7 with fresh updates, including a mono/stereo-only version.

  • Altair-1 index
    Daily News

    Making the switch to IP-based intercom


    First-time exhibitor Altair has introduced a completely new IP-based intercom system. The Spanish broadcast audio manufacturer has a long history in the intercom industry and has gradually moved into the broadcast sector.

  • Nixer-1-AP-pix-CAP 3x2
    Daily News

    Nixer to launch RL256 Series for AoIP monitoring


    With four base models in the range, the RL256 Series from Nixer Pro Audio offers AoIP confidence monitoring for broadcasters working with Dante and Ravenna audio networks. Launching at IBC2022, the 1U 19in rack mount AoIP monitoring tool and mixer is suited for the audio racks of the latest IP-based ...

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    Industry Trends

    Managing remote audio: post-pandemic workflows evolve to deliver greater flexibility


    The surge in ‘at home’ or REMI production during the pandemic has raised the stakes for managing remote audio effectively – prompting leading vendors to expand their solutions and focus more on ‘granularity’.

  • LAWO Immersive Russia_2
    Industry Trends

    Immersive audio: consumer tech catches up with production potential


    With consumers able to experience immersive audio more easily and cost-effectively than ever, demand for immersive content is continuing to accelerate writes David Davies.

  • Advances in audio

    IBC Digital 2021: Advances in Audio - Using some remarkable signal processing


    Every broadcaster knows that the most common complaint from viewers is that programme dialog is hard to discern against a background of atmospheric sounds, mood music and competing voices. It is especially a problem of age, where 90% of people over 60 years old, report problems. 

  • Immersive audio

    IBC Accelerators 2021: Immersive Audio and Sound Imagery


    2020 was a year none of us could have imagined, without live music, we had missed all the live experiences, and those who perform had missed that live connection of an audience in person even more.

  • 2. Wade_Davis_CEO_TelevisaUnivision 3x2

    Grupo Televisa and Univision complete $4.8bn deal


    Spanish-language media giants Grupo Televisa and Univision have closed their $4.8 billion merger.

  • Heading to the cloud in 2022 -  Gordon Castle Anna Lockwood Michael Davies Rob Ambrose

    Heading to the cloud in 2022


    Greater adoption of remote production will in turn accelerate the shift of live workflows to the cloud, according to an IBC Digital panel tasked with examining the broadcast and media tech trends that will define 2022. 

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    Daily News

    Mediaproxy LogServer takes decentralised line


    Logging, monitoring and analysis system LogServer has been upgraded by Mediaproxy. The company’s flagship system works entirely in software, to reliably log and monitor programme output to ensure it is compliant with broadcast regulations. It fits into cloud, virtual or on-premises workflows and supports video, audio and real-time data from ...

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    Dante SDK makes sound connection


    Audinate, developer of the Dante media networking technology, has announced full availability of the Dante Application Library software development kit (SDK). Previously available to a select few, the SDK for Windows and MacOS provides software developers with an easy-to-use way to connect to microphones, speakers, signal processors, amplifiers, loudspeakers and ...