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  • Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Robert Robertson and Margot Robbie 16x9 credit Sony Pictures
    Industry Trends

    Oscars 2020: A closer look at the Cinematography award nominees


    Nostalgia dominates the race for the Cinematography Oscar, with the Irishman, Joker, 1917, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and The Lighthouse all nominated. Adrian Pennington takes a closer look at the nominees.

  • Rendering The Lion King
    Industry Trends

    Oscars 2020: A closer look at the VFX award nominees


    With the 2020 Academy Award nominations now announced, IBC365 looks at who is leading the way for a gong in the VFX category.

  • JOKER-03031

    Joker and 1917 lead Oscar nominations


    The full list of nominees for the 92 nd Oscars has been announced with box office hit Joker leading with 11 nominations and Sam Mendes’ first world war drama 1917 following with 10.

  • Garrett Brown 3x2
    Executive Interviews

    Industry innovators: Garrett Brown


    In the latest of our Industry Innovators series looking at those who have had a major impact on the media and broadcast industry, IBC365 speaks with Garrett Brown, the inventor of Steadicam.

  • Mandalorian

    Game of Thrones and The Mandalorian lead VES Awards nominations


    The nominees for the 18th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards have been revealed, with five nominations each for Alita: Battle Angel and The Lion King .

  • Rachel Morrison on set of SEBERG
    Executive Interviews

    Craft leaders: Rachel Morrison, ASC


    The films of Rachel Morrison, the cinematographer best known for Black Panther , are unusually politically charged. She speaks to IBC365 as she embarks on her directorial feature debut.

  • Immersive at Mobile World Congress MWC19
    Industry Trends

    Advancing immersive realities


    The evolution of immersive content has moved from novelty ideas to realities with live audio streaming, 8K+ rendering and 360-degree video creation as a service explored in IBC technical papers.  

  • Jojo Rabbit promotional image (2019 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation - © 2019 20th)
    Industry Trends

    Behind the scenes: Jojo Rabbit


    Jojo, a normal kid with a vivid imagination, an absent father and a need to fit in, settles on a pretend friend in the form of Adolf Hitler. In filmmaker Taika Waititi’s World War II satire, this fantasy is experienced as a matter of fact. “The main thing was ...

  • 1917 George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman (
    Industry Trends

    Behind the scenes: 1917


    Meticulous military planning was required for Sam Mendes’ clock-ticking ‘one-shot’ war drama. Adrian Pennington talks to cinematographer Roger Deakins and sound mixer Stuart Wilson.

  • Vittorio Storaro
    Industry Trends

    Top 10: Create & Produce


    As the year draws to a close, we take a look at some of the most popular news and industry trend articles in our Create Produce category.

  • Schilowitz in VR
    Industry Trends

    What’s next for VR?


    The uptake of virtual reality technology becomes more mainstream and broadcasters’ experiment with the immersive medium, IBC technical papers from TNO, Philips Group Innovation and NHK offer a glimpse into the future. 

  • Bruce Willis as Frank Minna in Motherless Brooklyn
    Executive Interviews

    Behind the scenes: Motherless Brooklyn


    When Edward Norton wanted to convey the loneliness of life in 1950s New York for his noir feature Motherless Brooklyn he turned to cinematographer Dick Pope, BSC.

  • Trevor Noah credit Comedy Central Viacom

    Viacom completes CBS merger


    Viacom has announced the completion of its merger with CBS Corporation to create “a premium content powerhouse with global scale” set to invest more than $13 billion in annual content.

  • RTS chernobyl winners

    Chernobyl wins six RTS Craft and Design Awards


    Netflix, BBC, C4 and HBO are among the network winners for the 2019 Royal Television Society Craft and Design Awards. 

  • The Irishman
    Industry Trends

    Behind the scenes: The Irishman


    Martin Scorsese’s new crime drama sees the Goodfellas director reunite with Robert De Niro. Adrian Pennington spoke to Rodrigo Prieto about shooting a tale that spans six decades.

  • 6 Quantel DPC brochure front 1
    Industry Trends

    Industry innovators: Quantel


    In its heyday, Quantel’s tools were the must-have items for finishing houses. In the second of IBC365’s Industry Innovator series, Adrian Pennington looks at how Quantel gave broadcast a quantum leap into the digital era.

  • Paul Debevec Google interview index
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Paul Debevec, Google


    Paul Debevec, Google In Steven Spielberg’s movie Ready Player One there’s a shot of actor Ty Sheridan putting on virtual reality (VR) headgear which transitions imperceptibly from real to virtual cameras as the shot moves to an extreme close-up. In Gemini Man , Will Smith’s ...

  • AVID 11-12-2018_DSC9711 (1)
    Executive Interviews

    Industry Innovators: Bill Warner, Avid


    In the first of this series looking at innovators who have changed the media and broadcast industry, IBC365 speaks to Avid founder Bill Warner about transforming the editing landscape.

  • Peter Greenaway 3x2
    Executive Interviews

    Craft leaders: Peter Greenaway, filmmaker


    Cinema should evolve beyond the medium of storytelling. Speaking to IBC365, Peter Greenaway – filmmaker, artist and provocateur - casts his critical eye over Hollywood

  • The Irishman 3x2
    Industry Trends

    VFX: De-aging tech


    The current crop of films featuring digitally de-aged characters has brought new life to older actors, and now a pioneering example of age regression for a TV series shows just how much the technology is evolving.