Here’s what happened on Day 2 of IBC2023, as the IBC Conference continued and the content programme delved into AI and VFX, while in the keynote speech, creative technologist Marco Tempest imagined a virtual future where everyone is invited to play.

“From development through physical production to post production and distribution, I believe [machine learning and AI] has the ability to help our industry advance,” SMPTE President Renard T Jenkins told the IBC Daily.

”That said, I feel we need to make sure that we see this technology as a tool, and not as an entity. The human and computer interaction is key to success in the space for the long term.”

ibc2023 - marco tempest keynote1

Marco Tempest gave the IBC Conference keynote, exploring virtual production and the Metaverse.

IBC2023 Day 2 Conference recaps

SMPTE President Renard T. Jenkins hosted “How to approach AI and gain a competitive edge” to look at the areas where businesses can see the most value from AI. Use cases were discussed by a panel featuring Lewis Smithingham (Media.Monks), Maria Ingold (mireality), Quincy Olatunde (Peacock TV, NBC Universal) and Samira Bakhtiar (AWS).
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In this year’s IBC Conference keynote, Marco Tempest joined The Forum virtually for his anticipated talk on “Virtual Production & the Metaverse: A future where everyone is invited to play.” Merging generative AI, mixed reality, and digital visuals, he mapped out a possible augmented future, emphasising accessibility and equity throughout. 
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Over at the Showcase Theatre, “Driving business transition through migration to the cloud” delved into the migration of on-premises workloads to the AWS Cloud. Influential broadcasters shared their experiences, highlighting the benefits of increased flexibility, agility, and operational efficiency, as well as imparting lessons learned and advice for those embarking on cloud transitions.
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On the Innovation Stage on 16th September, Sony and Plateau Virtuel showcased their groundbreaking virtual production technology. Using Sony’s advanced 90m2 Crystal LED display and Venice camera capture, the system can craft near-natural backgrounds for elite film projects in Paris studios. 
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IBC2023 Day 2 Product News 

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Photo of the day

A Magnit for viewing

Mo-Sys StarTracker Max demo using LG’s new Magnit Micro LED displays. 

And finally… Here’s what’s coming up on Day 3

Day 3 of IBC2023 continues looking at the core themes of Transformative Technology, People & Purpose, and Shifting Business Models. On September 17, the content programme will start to explore inclusivity and ethics via Changemakers, while the IBC Awards will celebrate the best in Content Creation, Content Distribution, and Content Everywhere. 

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